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re: Twin Oaks Airpark pilots harass neighbors

Pilot's have better things to do other than harrassing you or anyone else. It is in our own best interest to do so. Why would we shoot our own foot? We are trained to fly neighborly from day one and go way out of our way doing it. "continuous flying around properties"??? 0_o The owner of Twin Oaks has bent over backwards to do everything to limit noise including reshaping the traffic pattern so as to not overfly your house. Yes, we know who you are. This airport was here decades before you. Too bad you didn't look at a map or look outside before you bought the house! Doh! I hope you never need life flight or an animal rescue flight.

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re: noise compaling

Too funny and inaccurate statement. Maybe one should talk to neighbors that have been here over 30 years.

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noise compaling

unfortunately this person making these complaints moved in May 2010. The airport has been there since 72. Getting a better real estate agent or looking at a map could have solved their problems.

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re: Twin Oaks Airpark pilots harass neighbors

Reply to @david: The neighborhood has been around for 50 years and the airport only 20 something years. It always sounds like it is the homeowners fault but not true, in this case.

The airport has encroached and abused on the only settlement in the area with acres and acres of other land to fly. One pays higher prices in Oregon to live in the country and then the unscrupulous aviation interests slide things by the homeowners.

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re: Twin Oaks Airpark pilots harass neighbors

I'm sorry to hear the neighbours are unhappy. Is the airport new, or was it built before the homes around it? Flying circuits ("patterns" in the US) is a very important part of pilot training and practice for experienced pilots - the planes take off from one end of the runway, turn, fly the opposite direction beside the runway at about 1,000 ft above the ground, and then come back and land on the same runway again (and repeat).

This is a normal activity at any airport, but sometimes it can be hard for people nearby, which is why most airports were originally built far from densely-populated areas where they wouldn't bother too many people. Unfortunately, unscrupulous developers will often come in and built subdivisions near airports anyway, and then not tell buyers the whole truth about what it means living near an airport (personally, I don't mind planes at 1,000 ft over my house -- I can't usually hear them over the city noise of cars, trucks, buses, sirens, lawnmowers, and construction).

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Twin Oaks Airpark pilots harass neighbors

The pilots out of this airpark harass neighbors next to the airpark with their low flying, and continuous flying around properties.

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Twin Oaks is Great

If you haven't been to Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark, well get in your plane (or car) and head over to this little airport. It's a great place to train.

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