Hagersville Airport (No. 16 SFTS) [CLOSED]

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Hagersville Airport (No. 16 SFTS) is not the home base for any OurAirports members. It has had no visits from members.

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Would like to find anyone who had a relative who flew out of Hagersville airport during the wwll. My father was one of them. He was a flight trainer.

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re: Hagersville airport 4 sale?

Reply to @terry.50:

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Hagersville airport 4 sale?

Parts of the airport are for sale, i beleive, as is the 128 acres located beside and around the old airport

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old hagersville airport

Can anyone tell me if the old Hagersville airport (now White Oaks Industrial Park) is for sale?

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Used to train in WW2. Army camp was there and then a training school for deliquent kids

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Hagersville Airport

gepetto16@hotmail.com please let me know about the hagersville airport when it closed and why thanks again. Was it busy and did the planes fly every where was it busy in its hey day

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hagersville airport

when did the airport close and why did it close

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My father's name is Mervin Angus McNair...was called Mac McNair.

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