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Home of the Duncan Flying Club


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re: Looking for a ride!!!!! Seattle Nationals August 3rd, 20

You should know that under US and probably Canadian law, a pilot who agreed to fly you is taking a big risk unless they could prove that they would have made the flight without you. Offering to fly somebody somewhere for "some $$$ .. or whathaveyou" would be seen as "holding out" as a commercial operator.

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Looking for a ride!!!!! Seattle Nationals August 3rd, 2012

Last Minute Idea; Live five mins from Glenora ..... Looking for a flight/ride to Seattle to see the Nationals this weekend! Anyone interested or do you know anyone that might be interested in flying us there and back? We(my hubbie and I) are looking for a ride and are willing to put some $$ towards the flight or "whathaveyou". Leave Thursday late afternoon, return Friday evening or Friday morning and return either Friday evening or Saturday morning. Pls email carriebell@shaw.ca

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Do something about the Glenora/Vietnam experience!

Endless circling of large low flying helicopters is not fair to the neighbors. I understand that they need hours mechanically etc, but have them fly in larger darn circles!

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re: Do something about the Glenora/Vietnam experience!

I've never been to Duncan Airport, so I'm not sure about the situation, but at most airports there's something called a "circuit" that aircraft follow. Generally speaking, it's a rectangle about 3 km long and 1 km wide, with the runway in the middle of one of the long sides (and it can flip locations depending on the wind direction). At an airport without a control tower (that's most airports), everybody flies the same circuit for the sake of safety. They'll be at about 1,000 ft above ground level on the long side that doesn't have the runway (what we call the "downwind" side). It's important that everyone use the same circuit to avoid the risk of midair collisions, and to provide an orderly way for multiple aircraft to approach the airport and land (it's sort-of the flying equivalent of a four-way stop, where there's no light, but all the drivers know and follow the same rules).

So if you live under the circuit, unfortunately, there will be many aircraft flying repeatedly at 1,000 ft above your house on days when the wind favours the corresponding runway. That information is public (there are even often different zoning regulations near an airport), but most realtors either suppress it or outright lie about it to make house sales, then any home owners who don't like airport operations are left feeling angry and duped once the realtor has run off with the sales commission.

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Short and interesting

The runway here is quite short (1520ft) and has ravines at both ends, plus downdrafts. I went there with an instructor from Victoria and he told me nobody got it right on the first approach. I didn't either. Backtracking to take off, he showed be tire skid marks that went to the edge of the pavement, then disappeared in the bushes down the ravine...

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