Oak Hammock Air Park

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Oak Hammock Air Park is the home base for 2 OurAirports members. It has had 2 visitors.

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Trying to locate a certain biplane.

Hello there. I live in Petersfield, Mb. I have seen a blue bi-plane flying around my area. I don't have any other info to give you. I want to contact the pilot, to see if it's possible to go up in it. I see when the pilot heads south of Petersfield when done flying around here. I'm assuming he's heading back home. My brother who is a pilot and lives by St Andrews airport, doesn't know anything about it. He helps out at the airport, and would know something about it if it's from there. I am guessing the plane is at Oak Hammock air park. Do you know of this plane? Thanks.

Gerry Hewitt

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OHAP airport

For several years, I have had OHAP as a base, flying a Cessna 150, C-FLUG. presently for sale. What's special about this private airport? The parking terrain and runway are very solid and well maintained. Some services available; best to phone first one of three numbers listed in Canada Flight Supplement 2011. LEON WOYCHUK is the local AME with a hangar at the SouthEast of the field. He has serviced my plane for several years. I can vouch for his quality workmanship. You are welcome for a fly-in visit.

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