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Closed...once again.

Sadly, the airport is now closed. Hopefully it will rise from the ashes once again.



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Dunnville Airport

Well its official. The airport is to stop flight ops as of the end of May this year. Once again a pice of history lost. I have been there many times. I remember standing in hanger 4 that was empty and the roof leaking old equipment rusting in the back. And hearing the harvard fly over thinking this is a shame. Once those towers go up its gone forever. The Museum hopes to run still but i can't see it drawing a crowd with out aircraft too tie it all together. Anyone that has been there should show up for the open house in May it will be the last time we hear the roar of a harvard Departing Dunnville. PLease show you support and and give the field one last Buzz.

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Wind Turbines

The Niagara Skydive Centre Inc. receive an "Notice Of Termination" for the lease on the hanger effective March 31, 2013. My understanding is the Main runway will be closed June or July for good. There are 6 wind turbines slated for the property.

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re: Wind Turbines

Samsung is currently storing windmills on the shorter runway and it is closed by NOTAM. There is security on the property that will confront you. As far as I know the skydiving company is fighting the windmills and I heard plans recently of a flight school for Indian students looking at CDU9.

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Wind Turbines

Are wind turbines really planned for the runway area? That is what the Samsung project map says -- see "freewco dot blogspot dot ca" for information.

I am having trouble with this one. Is this correct?

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re: re: Missing runway?

The CFS will be updated to include a note in the "caution" section only if the airport operator requests it.

There is no requirement for registered aerodromes to have painted runway markings. Only certified aerodromes need to have them visible.

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re: re: Missing runway?

Reply to @david: I submitted an e-mail from Nav Canada from which I got a reply today. They are looking into it.

I requested that they update the CFS so that they note the runway is unmarked. There is signage at the airport to indicate that it still is an active runway.

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re: Missing runway?

Reply to @bcrosby: what was the word on 05/23 when you visited, Blake? Is it still usable?

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Missing runway?

Is it me or does 05/23 NOT exist? I didn't see any runway numbers and where one would be, the pavement looks pretty beat up. The CFS says it's paved.. but I have my doubt's that is accurate.

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please be advised

Dunnville is an ultralight friendly airport. There is an active jump school here also so don't overfly the field. See the canada flight supplement for info re : traffic patterns

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No. 6 RCAF Dunnville Museum

A great little gem of a museum. This airport has a great community around it that has brought a BCATP airfield back to life. Well worth a visit.

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