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Guelph Airpark CNC4 Airport weather

Guelph Airpark weather - or

Up to the minute transcribed weather - toll-free: 1-844-WXB-CNC4

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sightseeing flight

hi I was wondering if there would be anybody that has a plane in Guelph for 2 people to go up in the air for a short ride

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Guelph airport status May 2015

There are 2 runways: 32/14 is night lit and free to all use; 23/05 is blocked to training due to high trees on approach to 23; there is a parallel grass strip at 23/05. Brampton is no longer training in Guelph, Kitchener may use the 32/14 runway for training. Low lead 100 available, but no source for oil; AME not often on the field.

The restaurant is open and satisfactorily busy.

Unicom (123.00) is not manned; another pilot might give help if requested.

3 point aviation with their tail wheel planes have moved to Kitchener as has the gyrocopter school. The "Tiger Boys" with their Tiger Moths are still located at Guelph.

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Guelph charters

To the best of my knowledge there are no charter operations out of Guelph which no longer has an active flying school although Brampton makes some use of it with a Cessna 152.

It might be possible to arrange a flight using a twin from Kitchener to pick up the parties in Guelph.

Currently the restaurant is closed, a lease is on offer, the building is closed, the Unicom is not manned, NORDO planes use whichever runway suits their purpose. There is an outside pay phone.

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Am I able to charter a plane/pilot to fly two families to Quebec city from guelph??

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banaster flying

wondering how much it would cost to fly a banaster in Guelph?

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Sky Writing

Very strange request....

Is there any chance that a pilot could some quick sky writing for me? Cost?

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re: Sky Writing

Hello mysterious one does the word GISHWHES mean anything to you

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Birthday Surprise

This is going to be a very odd request, but I won't have an answer unless I ask. :)

Is it possible for a small plane to fly over a 1 acre property in Morriston just south of the 401, to drop small bags of candy for a child's birthday party? How much would it be?

Obviously the kids would be protected from any falling missiles once a specific time is arranged.

Thank you.


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Top speed run

I'd like to take my bike to a safe location to max out the speed, I figured a paved landing strip would be perfect. Any idea where I could go do this???

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re: Top speed run

certainly not at guelph

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Prom Banaster

I was wondering if there was any way someone could fly a banaster that would be asking a girl to prom? Please e mail me at

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re: Prom Banaster

Dude your trying way!!! to hard. Just ask her yourself, save that for asking a girl to marry you.

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re: Prom Banaster

here's an excellent pilot at Brampton who does this

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Restaurant Yikes

I was there Today and they have a long way to go I hope that the "Grand opening "isnt busy or they are in trouble no glasses for water at table and actually the food came out wrong and we were the only people in the place I enjoyed the plastic in my grilled cheese lol anyway good luck cause I dont think you have any idea what your doing

regards bypass

august 23/2012

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Guelp airport

Fuel is available with a card.

Restaurant is open.

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Vintage Flying Home

Guelph is lovely, quiet and nostalgic. If you walk around the hangars, there will be Tiger Moths and Cornells, Finches and first-generation Cubs. This place is like a museum, with a difference that all those rare and vintage aeroplanes actually fly like they were doing 70 years ago... Say hi to the Tigerboys (, they restore those machines and make the magic happen! Stay for some time and learn to fly a J-3 Cub with Glen (! I never notice the time passing while at Guelph, this place is immune to it...

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Flight School Closed

Aviation International closed this spring. There is no fuel or a restaurant available anymore.

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Homebuilt flow from Guelph Airport to Goderich in October 20

I am trying to locate Brian Harrington who flew a homebuilt aircraft from Guelph to Goderich. I believe Brian knew my father many years ago. Does anyone know him? If so please contact me at Thanks

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Cute little airport

Dont mistake the road that runs parallel to 32 for the runway. *thats* how narrow the runway is here!

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re: Cute little airport

Reply to @bcrosby:

Oh it's not that narrow. A DH 125 landed and took off from there many moons ago. There's been; a MU 2, a Piaggio, Twin Otters, Queen Airs, a Lockheed 10A belonging to Air Canada, T 28 Trojans and Harvards to name a few have been into Guelph. Friendly staff and a nice restaurant with good food. The Tiger Boys also have an active museum on site.

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Not a full FBO

Aviation International is a flight school that runs the Guelph airport and happens to sell tie-down spots and 100LL fuel to transients, but it is definitely not a full FBO. According to the woman on the phone, tie-downs on the grass are $7/night, and you have to move your plane to and from the fuel pumps yourself (though they do the actual fueling). They have no arrangements with rental-car companies, not even a key drop-off.

For full FBO service (e.g. leave a fuel order and walk into your waiting rental car), you can fly into Waterloo (YKF) 10 nm/18km away, but you'll pay a bit more money.

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