Orillia-RAMA Regional Airport

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Some things to keep in mind flying to Orillia Ramara airport

1. The beginning of rwy 30 slopes upwards but this isn't listed in the CFS.

2. Lots of birds grazing on the grass.

3. The ARCAL is apparently private and I couldn't activate them when I flew overhead the field one night recently, so keep this in mind if staying here till dark.

4. The taxiway just off the runway is very narrow, so be sure to listen to any traffic on the ground as two planes can't squeeze past each other on the narrow section

5. Airport restaurant is tasty and has live music as well, (a bit expensive though) if fly-and-dining is your cup of tea. A bit strange of me to mention, but the pictures in the male washroom are very funny!

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xxxxx, yyyy,"CNJ4","UNIC","ATF/UNICOM",122.8

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Flyboys closed

We flew in yesterday hoping for some food but found out that the Flyboys grille has been closed for a couple years. The runway is gravel but very smooth.

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Wow what changes!!

This Airport has gone under major changes in the last three years since the new owners took over.Its very well groomed and has a paved strip plus a grass strip.Lets not forget the water for the floatplanes.Always something to see and they also added Fly Boys outdoor grill the food is exceptional.They also put in new washroom facilities with showers for anyone wishing to camp onsite.Its close to Casino Rama.The new owners are continually improving and are very gracious hosts and would welcome all visitors.

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This airport is a busy floatplane hub with specialized hydroplane flying school on site. Lots of them are flying in the vicinity, and landplanes are a secondary activity at Orilla. Runway is ok, though quite beaten and with a pronounced slope westwards. Taxiways are all gravel - careful with your prop! FBO is very well maintained, there is a little snack house with cute patio, and overall Orilla looks like a busy and interesting place to visit - apart from the beautiful water scenery.

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