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good general aviation airport

lots of aircraft, good prices on fuel 100ll and mogas, mechanical services available. although there are skydivers on the field it does not seem to be a problem. consult CFS for circuits

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That Brampton feeling

Huge runways in good condition, lots of GA planes, some impressive vintage aircraft (I've seen a T-28 and Cornell), completely messed up circuit with planes cutting on the final, joining it from any altitude and direction, doing steep turns on the downwind... reminds anything? I felt like it was another Brampton. Decent airport, but not so fun to fly around. If needed to land somewhere around Niagara, I'd think St. Catharines, not Welland.

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re: Ultralight friendly and safe

Reply to @Paraman:

I'm flying PPG out of there quite a bit too now. Great airport. Give me a shout if you want to fly. I live local and can be there with short notice.

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Ultralight friendly and safe

I often fly a paratrike (PPG/PPC) out of the infield there, both mornings and evenings. A very safe and ultralight friendly airport, with relatively little traffic. An air-band radio is a requirement, but a lot of flexibility otherwise. Great scenery to enjoy within a short distance in all directions.

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