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Home of the Prince Edward Flying Club


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No reply when calling for PPR.

Can anyone tell me who the contact is for Picton airport? I've called the number in the CFS but it only goes to a private residence answering machine. No one ever returns my call. I have friends who live in Picton and would like to fly in and visit them, so any info would be most welcome. My email: hgmurphy@outlook.com


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Picton is a PPR airport. There are numerous airport/runway closures so always check Notams and call for permission.

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Very Convienent to Downtown Picton Ontario

Reasonable well kept airport with NO amenities.

Wide WWII runways in OK shape.

Be carefula sthe oftem close runways for local car and other events.

Be sure to talk to Kingston Traffic for updated info

Have been here many times

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FYI, Picton is still a PPR airport except for PEFC breakfast, second Sunday of each month and Father's Day breakfast. Also there is a new registration box beside the old gas pumps. Please fill out the form. No tiedown fee. No fuel available.

The runways are maintained but are 70 years old so are far from perfect. No snow removal. Flying club is active but own no a/c. There are about 7 a/c based here in the summer.

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NOTAMS sometimes in effect for Auto Slalom Events

St. Lawrence Auto Club (of Kingston) will hold autoslaloms on various Sundays during the months of April, May, June, September & October on sections of the air strip. Best to check NOTAMS (as issued by the Prince Edward Flying Club) as the airport is closed completely (except for emergency landings) during these Sundays

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Airport now PPR.

I noticed that the owner of the airport has changed. From a NOTAM:



613-399-9076, 613-393-3152 OR 613-476-3064 REG PPR

So looks like the airport is now owned by a private company, and not the Prince Edward Flying Club.

Picture of david

re: Airport now PPR.

Blake: that might be bad news about the change in ownership. I wonder if they're planning to close the airport and build a development.

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re: Airport now PPR.

I got more information, from Bob Kisin, a member of the Buttonville Flying club:

"I was there yesterday & spoke to a club member. Loch Sloy is a British Company that owns the property. This has long been the case, apparently and the PEFC rents their clubhouse & a hangar from the owners.

The PPR isn't enforced as far as I know (at least on fly-in days). However, because the runways are not maintained in winter, a call regarding current conditions is suggested. Many PEFC planes "live" at other airports in the region."

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re: Airport now PPR.

Thanks for checking, Blake -- I'm glad that my fears were unfounded. Maybe the PPR is just an insurance thing, in case someone lands without checking runway conditions and tears off a strut.

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Airport info

I'd recommend calling ahead to COPA flight 53 which is based here for the latest update on conditions. When I was there the Air Cadets were running glider ops off of runway 17/35, which is still in very good shape. The other two runways have deteriorated significantly with lots of cracks and grass, and small loose rocks scattered over the surface. Most of the ramp is much worse, with many areas that have loose nails, broken glass and gravel lying around. The flying club is located at the N-W corner of the field, tie downs are available there, and the ramp is cleaner there too. Also remember that the closest fuel is at Tyendinaga, or Kingston if you want it for cheaper. Picton is an extremely scenic airport though, and thoroughly underused so you'll have no problems parking or anything.

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BCATP Airfield

All the old runways are here - a complete British Commonwealth Air Training Programme field from the 1940's. Some hangars are intact, but they are being used for other purposes now. A popular breakfast fly-in every second Sunday during the summer. Lots of ultralights in the area, and watch for gliders from Mountainview. No fuel at Picton, you will have to go to Tyendinaga (Mohawk) CPU6 for fuel.

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