Edenvale Aerodrome

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Picture of ECAFBill

Restaurant is CLOSED Permanently

Previous restaurant area is now a pilot / visitor lounge with coffee and soft drinks to purchase.

Open M to F 0900 to 1600. Irregular on weekends.

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Grass Runway. CLOSED

17/35 ts closed permanently.

13/31 and 08/26 are open

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Menu updated

As the author of a previous post which recommended you do not stop here for food...it has become necessary to update my comments.

I stop here regularly for mogas and one recent evening as it was almost 2200 figured I would try the restaurant. (surprised to see it was still open!)

As I sat down I just said 'burger and fries please'....its usually at that point that I get told that I am in a 'bistro'..and presented with a menu of things like squid gizzard and such. Not tonight

Apparently the menu has been greatly re-tuned (or de-tuned)...now appearing.....burgers, fish&chips etc (all of my favorites!!)

Everything is still 'a-la-bistro' (squareplate fancypants)...but in the case of their burger and fries....that now means 'super-awesome!'

Very highly recommended!!! and service is A++

Picture of Pilotharry

Great Airport - A good alternate if the winds are high.

This is a great airoport to visit and fuel prices are resonable for a fuel stop. In line with others, the restaurant is more of a fancy restaurant user primarily by road traffic rather then pilots ...specially the economical ones like me. A fish n; chips or bugers to menu would make a good addition for having fliers drop in.

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Airport is beautiful - Restaurant not great

The airport is very nice, and has 24hr cardlock that takes interac. (most in area are just visa)

Could use a couple more lights on apron after dark.

Restaurant is not really a restaurant. Will not find any burgers or steaks on this dinner menu...just a lot of overpriced Bistro type food. (they have a chef...when all you really need a cook...or a BBQ)

If you are looking for fancy-shmancy downtown Bistro food (in the middle of nowhere)...it is a very nice place...if you are looking for a burger, or fish and chips...do not stop here.

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re: Good place to visit

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Picture of dazuppa

Good place to visit

Google image is quite dated - currently the airport looks way better! Another runway added and the grass one is in a very decent condition. Ramp and the whole maneuvering area are well maintained and clean. This airport is home for a vintage aircraft restoration group, there are Tiger Moth, Canuck, Baby Ace and other fancy birds flying around. Overall - nice place to visit and check out those magic old planes, and chat with enthusiasts working on them.

Picture of FlyingFrank

New Runway

Summer of 2009 saw a new paved 4,000 ft runway added (13/31). Lights coming soon.

December of 2009 the restaurant was expanded. Great food.

Picture of Niss

Great Aerodrome!

A blast from the past, posters inside depicting their vibrant past as an airforce base. You can almost hear the Harvards buzzing in the background, nice layout good fuel prices, great service. I haven't eaten at the cafe yet but I imagine I will soon!

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New hangars and restaurant open. Home of the Collingwood Classic Aircraft. Eden Flight Inc flying SportStar advanced ultralights.

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