Collingwood Airport

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Must visit ariport

Great fascilities, very friendly staff, active unicom and resonable priced restaurant for awesome breakfast. i am frequent visitor there and many times with ultralights. Makes for a great fuel stop over for longer cross countires. If the winds are more from south, expect some weird turbulence on short final for 13 due to brush line or trees. I prefer landing long in that situation. HAPPY FLYING!

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Collingwood Airport

Excellent facility and friendly staff. One of my favorite airports. Great unicom service and good fuel prices.

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Past Employee

I'm looking for information on a past employee and anyone that might of known her, can someone contact me through email, and i can explain why i'm looking for information on someone that worked for you and that has since past away. It would mean the world to me! my email is, please put as subject "Collingwood Airport past Employee" Thank you in advance!!

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Snowy Owls seen at airports in Ontario

Hi, I am currently looking for Snowy Owls. They seem to be a bit late this year (2011). These white owls love airports and use them for hunting grounds. If anyone sees one could you let me know. They will sit on the corner edge of a shed or will sit on the ground in the snow. Thanks and safe flying!


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Industrial/Office Space and heated Airplane Hanger for Lease

For more information contact Greg Syrota (Sales Representative) Coldwell Banker Trinity Realty Inc. 705-444-1420 x 245 or call my cell phone at 705-446-8082

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Great Airport!

Staff are very friendly. Lots of planes to look at! 100LL really well priced, same price as Lake Simcoe usually but with the tax allready factored in so you end up saving quite a bit of money! Beautiful location, you cant beat a nice flight over wasaga beach!

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Great little airport

Really, really nice terminal. Leather comfey love seats for you to relax on. Cute little cafe to grab some food.

Spent some time talking to the Unicom lady (didn't catch her name) and she mentioned that it usually gets busy around lunch time on the weekends.

Really nice place.

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