Bar River Airport

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hi, would there be any charter service available to some southern ontario airports? or anyone could put me in touch with one,

greatly appreciated.

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Great Facility, very reasonable fuel prices and great servic

Runway 36-18 bumpier in spring as frost leaves ground, but last writer below completely exagerates condition. Both my planes based here, and in addition to light aircraft, Dash, Metro, Hawker and RJ traffic regularly use runway with no difficulty. Staff always prepared to provide for transportation needs, whether calling for or furnishing rides. Exceptional mechanical and paint shop too, providing services to commercial and private operators. Very reasonable fuel prices and no parking fees. Head and shoulders above Sault airport (CYAM) in every respect. Same distance to town as CYAM, so for visiting traffic, CPF2 is much better with cheaper fuel, no landing fees, no parking fees and abundantly helpful and capable service attendants on site. Water aerodrome as well at this facility, both on Lake George and taxi up Bar River to base, or on water runway parallel to 36-18.

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runway conditions

Be very careful landing at this airport, runway 36 is extreamly bumpy and the other runway has signigicant surface conditions. you will be luck if you don't damage your plane. No courtesy car.

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re: Airport

I often fly low-ish over this field on my way to CYAM. I was curious about the selection of planes there. Some day I'll land and say 'hi', but after 3-4 hours of flying from Ottawa, I usually just want to finish my flight to the Soo.

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Great little place to stop, no landing or tie down fees. A lot of interesting old planes to look around at. We had a cup of coffee and wnadered around, the owner offered us his vehicle to go for lunch if we wished.

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