Stoney Creek Airport

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are they still the second friday of the month?

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Career Contact

Hello, is there someone I can contact regarding a possible career opportunity within the airfield?

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Base for EAA chapter 65 with two hangrs and clubhouse. Meets 2nd Friday/month, reasonable folk.

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EAA Chapter 65 at Stoney Creek Airport

For more information on EAA Chapter 65, please visit;




Hangars are for EAA Chapter 65 members only and are restricted to Experimental or Homebuilt aircraft, as our mandate dictates. Currently, there is a waiting list for Hangar Space.

Please email if you have any additional questions:

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hangers and monthlyrent

Does stoney creek airport have hangers for rent? Could you supply the name and contact number or email. Thank you Bob please contact me at

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Aircraft rental

GTA Plane Rental is pleased to offer aircraft block time rentals for the purposes of time building, license ratings, pilot training, sightseeing, photography, transportation, or simply flying for fun. With our affordable rates, you can enjoy soaring the skies of Southern Ontario, flying long cross country trips, or taking a memorable vacation by flying to your favourite destination.

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Hey I'm 16 years old and want to become a pilot, do you prov

Hey, so I'm 16 do you provide flight training? I haven't joined Air cadets cause I don't want too... So am I the right age to join a flight school?

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Flying out of Stoney Creek


I live close and am currently in the process of acquiring a Challenger XL-65 Ultralight. I am looking for a place to keep it, hanger if possible (1/2 maybe), tie down otherwise but I expect I will keep it at my cottage in Honey Harbor half (or more) of the time.

Seems I JUST missed the EAA 65 meeting this month :(. Should I just drop by? Is there someone I can talk to?


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Hello I'm looking for a phone # my bus passes the air port every day and I thought that it would be cool to do a co-op with a mechanic there .this page is the only thing I have found that has any info. Can anybody give me more info that would be great

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re: Co-op

Sorry we missed your post, there is no licensed aviation mechanic at the club but there are a lot of knowledgeable people that can answer your questions and show you around.

The nearest airports with certified mechanics with a service shops are Hamilton International, Burlington Airpark and York Airfirld.

Hope this helps

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re: Co-op

Sorry we missed your post, there is no licensed aviation mechanic at the club but there are a lot of knowledgeable people that can answer your questions and show you around.

The nearest airports with certified mechanics with a service shop are Hamilton International, Burlington Airpark and York Airfield

Hope this helps

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Hey, so I'm 16 and i want to become a pilot. do you provide flight training? I haven't joined Air cadets cause I don't want too... So am I the right age to join a flight school? How do I become a pilot I heard you can join a flight school when your 16 and they will teach you everything to flying a plane and getting your hours

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ride to town

anyone around for a ride to sheraton this evg?

may I land my plane there ?

call a cab?



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re: ride to town

Sorry we missed your post but for future plans, the group is very active and most of the time there are members at the airport that would gladly help you in any way they can. You can always request a cab from the airfield to downtown Hamilton or any other destination.


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EAA 65 Stoney Creek

If you're interested in becoming a member of EAA 65 - Stoney Creek, come and attend one of our monthly meetings. They are every second Friday of the month at 7:30pm. Guests are welcome.

To become a member, one must also be a member of EAA (America). This can be done on line at and costs $40 (annually).

EAA65 Stoney Creek requires new members to pay a one-time administrative fee of $100.

Regular annual membership fees at EAA 65 are $50.

We currently have about 65 members and are a very active group. As long as the weather allows it, there are members flying or working on their planes almost daily. Most activity is on the weekends. We also host the Stoney Creek Hawks RC Club and a number of parasailers fly from the airport property as well.

Come out to a monthly meeting for more details or visit

Facebook users can also "Like" for updated information and pictures.

Up to the minute details can be had by following us on Twitter at #EAA65

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re: EAA 65 Stoney Creek

Reply to @MarcusPfeiffer: hello co-ops are coming up this year at my school and everyday as i pass by the air port there is at lest 4 or 5 cars. i was thinking that it would be great to get learing experice at a smal air port like this . Although it is smal there is no contact info and i hoped that you could lead me to some one who has experince in the mecanics as im vary intrested in how things work.

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airplane rides for children


I attended an event with a non profit last year that offered an opportunity for children to have a short ride in a plane (for children who may not otherwise have this experience). Is that event happening again this year? If so, I'm wondering if I could talk to someone about this and how I can get my organization involved.


Tracy Thorne

Please respond to

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re: airplane rides for children

Hi Tracy... what you're referring to is called "EAA Young Eagles". There's nothing organized for this year as far as I know but I'm hoping along with you that this will happen soon again.

If you're on facebook, like and you'll get any news as it happens.

Alternatively, follow us on Twitter at #EAA65

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Was hoping you could help

Hi guys I recently was up to Stoney creek airport and chatted with a few fellas there I have benn restoring an older zen air 601hd but haven't got the knowledge to complete parts of the project I was hoping a small space there to finish the project might be a huge help to me the knowledge of the builders there is what I require I understood hanger space is limited

If any one can help me out you can contact me Also who is the flight instructor there now could you let him know my family is interested in instruction


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Airport site

The little green aircraft on the map is not on the Chapter 65 field but is next field east. The two runways are to the left of the 'little green whatsit.

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re: Airport site

Moved - thanks.

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Airport lighting

Now available, and transmitter-controlled - details from Chapter 65

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Stoney Creek Airport

Friendly airfield managed by EAA Chapter 65, two runways, one grass one paved, both are well kept.

Paved runway open for summer and winter flying.

Chapter 65 members always available and ready to help.

Graet place to fly, they have monthly meetings 2nd Friday of the month.

A lot of activity during the weekends

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re: Stoney Creek Airport

Yeah great place to land and chat with friendly aviators. I was in one of their meetings and it included a guest speaker.

That night was about avionics, it was great.

They also had some pretty interesting presentations by Transport Canada, the place was packed, great ground support to land and tiedown. The food was great and affordable.

Great club to join

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re: Stoney Creek Airport

I would like to park my airplane at this airport since I just moved to the area. Is there anybody I could talk to about bringing it there and parking outside with tiedowns? I can be contacted at I was already speaking to Mr. Yaworski, but he is on holidays right now and I would like to bring it up this weekend if possible.



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Quiet and friendly to ultralights

The field is nicely maintained by EAA chapter 65. If you fly there regularly, they ask you join them ($50/year or so).

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re: Quiet and friendly to ultralights

Reply to @Paraman:

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