Thessalon Municipal Airport [CLOSED]

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Airport Permanently Closed



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Airport Sold - To Whom?

I recently enquired with the Town about landing and have been advised that the airport has been sold. I am unsure to whom. Current cycle of CFS still reports the Town as the operator.

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Hi Sir,

I would like to know if airport still sale. I can purchase it. Please let me know ASAP

Thank you,

Gaetan Bourgault

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Is this still in use?

I was just wondering if this small airport was still open? And who do you have to get in touch with to see if a small plane could land there

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(no subject)

The Town of Thessalon has recently put this airstrip up for sale. So future of the strip is unknown.

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Anybody flying up this week?

I've got a friend looking for a lift from Indianapolis on Tue or Wed 7/4/2012. Thought I'd give this a shot for him. Thanks

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The local person to call is Brian McDougall

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re: Permission to Land and park

The Canada Flight Supplement gives the town contact number (705) 842-2117 for the airport.

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Permission to Land and park

Is there a phone number for permission to land & park,

We cannot find any phone numbers for town offices?

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