New Liskeard Airport [CLOSED]

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Owner of private airfield

The airfield is still open to landing, it is a private airfield however and not licensed. Feel free to contact me should you want permission to land. 1-705-647-7056

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I live in Liskeard.....

Cool that I found a little info on the airport - I live in New Liskeard and the strip is still in Microsoft Flight Sim. 2004, if it's the same one I'm thinking of. In the sim you get a building and some concrete taxi way and the grass strip and if you take off over the lake you better throttle up and over the trees at the end of the strip - cool stuff.

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re: Closed

Reply to @bcrosby: Have landed there 3 times on fishing trips to Lady Evelyn Lake. Was planning another this year and discovered the closing. John was a good man. He even flew out to the camp in his C180 and took us fishing on a remote lake about 40 miles W of our camp. (Island 10) It was a poor day of fishing but like they say "It sure beat not fishing". Enjoyed it. I had an old '64 Mooney M20E.

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re: Closed

Now you know how I feel about Meigs.

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Never got to fly here..and the airport is now closed :(

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re: Information?

It looks like a private grass strip on a farm. There are lots of those around, but they don't usually show up in the CFS. Contact info for the owner is in the CFS, so you can call him for permission in late May, once the ground is hard enough to use the runway.

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This airport is listed in the CFS, however I can't seem to find any photos of what the field looks like.

I would like to visit some family in Cobalt, Ontario and flying to New Liskeard would be ideal.

Is this airport still available, or has it been abandoned?

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