Westport / Rideau Lakes Airport

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re: Not all grass - lots of gravel

Reply to @Tony: thanks for the comment we have added gates at the entrance to stop the traffic from entering the run way area

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Not all grass - lots of gravel

This airport is listed in the CFS and commonly known as "Westport". I have been here during the week and seen vehicles drive in, wander around and drive out. Perhaps the signs off the road are inadequate? This gets tricky if you are slipping in over the trees to Rwy 07, as I was.

It is a nice walk into the town of Westport for treats or lunch. There is a winter fly-in here, on the lake for skis and at the airstrip if conditions allow.

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Vehicles on runway

This airport has a long grass runway sloping towards the lake. When I was back-taxiing a few years back, I came face-to-face with a pickup truck using it as a shortcut (luckily, I wasn't in my takeoff roll).

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