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General Aviation not welcome there

The National Defence ask 14$ landing fees and Promotion Saguenay ask another 16$. An additionnal 25$ fees per passenger was requested and 35$ for daytime parking. Considering that I had 3 passengers on that day, the journey costed me 140$, which is very expensive in comparison to similar airport size.

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Arrester cables at CYBG

Watch out for arrester cables about 1500 from the tresholds, used for fighter jets. Even when they are lowered they are not something you want to roll over at high speed, especially with light GA aircraft. There are orange markers on each side of the runway at the cable positions.

There is a 20$ passenger fee but the terminal has free wifi and a reasonably cheap restaurant.

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Permission required

I came in here in 2005 for a Hope Air flight. There is a civilian terminal, but because it's a military airport, you need prior permission to land. I called the operations and got a special authorization code to provide on first contact with ATC (they never asked for it, because they were expecting me).

Chicoutimi airport is nearby for regular civilian traffic, along with several other, smaller airports in the Saguenay/Lac-St-Jean area.

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