Brandon Municipal Airport

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Home of the Brandon Flying Club

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BR 233 kHz Brandon Decommissioned

Decommissioned 15 Jun 2017

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i would like tp speak to someone about your hangar doors.

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Fuel Stop

My 30 minute fuel stop turned into a 1 1/2 hr stop. The Snowbirds were there and all wanted to look at my Velocity, great bunch of pilots. Did not realize that the Tudor only has a 1 1/2 hr duration, even with belly tank. Main comment was "You came all the way from Ottawa without stopping?". Brandon has some of the friendliest people in that part of the country.

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Runway 32

The CFS says runway 32 is treated gravel which makes it sound like runway 26 would be a better choice despite a crosswind. However, as of July 2009 when I stopped for fuel, I found runway 32 to be in great condition with no loose gravel whatsoever. And if you are able to do a good short field landing, the first 400 feet of runway 32 is asphalt.

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Brandon Municipal Airport - 1988

This was our first stop in Canada for our first trip to Alaska in 1988. Some kind sole gave us a ride into town where we showered at the athletic club and found some dinner. It was light for so long we went back and on to Yorkton that evening.

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Those who remember flying on CP or Canadian might recall the Brandon stopover. Generally was a stop, unload, wait 30 minutes then go type of thing. Was quite normal to stop here on the way from Calgary to Toronto.

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Lots of Cessna Cardinals Here

I bought a Cardinal here in 2000 with the help of Roy Sobchuk. Roy Sobchuk is the designer of speed mods and fairings for the beautiful Cessna 177 Cardinal and other Cessnas. There were 6 other Cardinals in the hangar in Brandon, all very nicely equipped and maintained aircraft. Maple Leaf Aviation at Brandon Airport is a Transport Canada approved manufacturer for replacement parts and modifications for Cessna aircraft. Fiberglass and metal components are manufactured in-house. Maple Leaf Aviation Limited holds over 40 STCÒ€ℒs in Canada (TC) and the United States (FAA). Maple Leaf Aviation Limited also provides services for the importation of aircraft.

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