Brantford Municipal Airport

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Branford Airport CYFD weather

Brantford Airport weather - or

Up to the minute transcribed weather - toll-free: 1-844-WXB-CYFD

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Brant Aero

I had a good experience getting an avionics upgrade for my Piper at Brant Aero in 2017:

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AIrcraft Spruce Canada

The Canadian location for the popular pilot-supply shop Aircraft Spruce is here:

Picture of dazuppa

Good place to visit

Brantford is very easy to find - an obvious triangular shape next to the only big town in the area. Wide, long, well-maintained runways and not so well maintained taxiways, huge ramps. A couple of semi-dismantled C-117 with square tails and oversized elevators at the end of the SW ramp (aviation buffs, check them out - those birds are rare now!) Reasonably busy, but with well-organized traffic and helpful unicom. A nice place to visit.

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re: Good place to visit

Reply to @dazuppa: Correction - SE ramp mentioned above, sorry! :-)

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federal $ coming

Just announced - a new row of hangars are getting built.

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re: federal $ coming

It is a commercial hanger that is going in on the South-East side of the airport, beside Gilbert's

Picture of Conk

$100 Hamburger or Breakfast

A $100 hamburger or breakfast???? Geeze-louise! This I gotta see! Will be coming up from Asheville, NC, USA in late August for the air show. I'll be sure and bring extra cash!

Picture of david

re: $100 Hamburger or Breakfast

Conk: the $100 hamburger is an old aviation joke: $5 for the hamburger, and $95 for the gas to fly to the airport and back. Nowadays, it's more like a $300 hamburger.

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re: New Runway Construction

Reply to @mculshaw:

Hey Mark,

do you have a schematic for the airport that you could email to me at Thanks in advance.

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Good breakfast

A good place for a $100 hamburger or breakfast.

Open 7days a week 8am - 2pm.

Picture of viennatech

EAA Chapter.

This airport is a main reason that I am a flier today. I went up on an EAA Young Eagles flight at the age of 16. There is a great EAA chapter on the field that is stuck in time. It is like walking into the 1940's going in there. Great people and great projects. A tribute to the romance of aviation. Definately worth a stop!

Picture of bcrosby

Touch and Go

Just did a touch and go on a x-country from Buttonville. After reading these comments I wish I stayed and checked out the terminal. Maybe next time.

Sunday afternoon, was pretty busy. 3 or 4 people doing their thing in the circuit.

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Nice Gem

Beautiful airport keep it alive! Received my Multi here.

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re: I hope it stays

Brantford makes a big deal out of being the one-time home of Alexander Graham Bell -- in addition to his work on the phone, Bell was one of Canada's earliest and most important aviation pioneers and advocates, so it would be especially sad if Brantford's airport closed. How about renaming it to Brantford/Alexander Graham Bell Airport?

Picture of cvander

I hope it stays

There is a petition circulating to put down efforts by the city to close the airport. I hope the city develops some long-range thinking about their short-sighted problems.

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Great Airport

My plane is hangared here :) !

C-FAKQ a 1976 Cessna Cardinal RG

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