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Picture of david

Warning: high landing fee, GA not welcome

City council has forced the airport to institute a $35 landing fee (+HST, presumably). There are no exceptions, not even for resident pilots or pilots purchasing fuel. The fee is more than double that of CYTZ, which is downtown in Canada's biggest city.

I suggest taking your travel business to nearby Wiarton CYVV, instead -- it still welcomes GA.

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On airport restaurant Tilly's Cafe and Bakery well worth the

Tilley's Cafe and Bakery located in the terminal is a great spot to eat breakfast or lunch.

Just google it and you will find all the details.

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re: Billy Bishop - isolated from town

Changes in Owen Sound. Airport now is operated by CYOS Aviation Management Inc. formed by Hangar owners, pilots on site, now with budget from the City. It is true over the years that the City ignored the potential of our airport but since July 1st, 2011, the local pilots group is operating the site, and changes are in progress. Hangar project underway with affordable 'hangarminium' holding 7 aircraft, 14' Schweiss doors, private entry, 100 amp service, finished steel ceilings, walls from $49K to $$76K. inexpensive leasing from the City, Sky Cafe with fresh home made sandwiches, drinks available, pay by honour basis, if arrivals during open hours, vehicle available most times from Guy's Aircraft AME on-site annuals at reasonable rates, COPA Flight 144, for info call: Terminal (519)371-6936. Open 8AM-5PM unicom 123.000. 100LL and Jet"A".

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Billy Bishop - isolated from town

Nice enough airport but not if you are hungry or wish to spend some time and money in Owen Sound. No courtesy car, no bicycles. Pay for cab is only way in and back. Typical Canadian airport, town ignores it as a tourism draw. Good news is that Wiarton "CYVV" is nearby and they get it, car, bicycles, food and friendly.

Picture of Al.Robinson

Look out for the hump!

Landed on 36, then taxied to the holding bay at 18 due to landing traffic behind us. No taxiways, back track required. Nice new terminal building, coffee was on and everyone was friendly. There is a very interesting poster on the bulletin board from the RCMP asking pilots to keep a look out for marijuana plants!

Picture of bcrosby

Where's the wind sock?

I arrived after dark, someone was doing circuits on 18, but the weather I got from Wiarton was favoring 36, however it was only at 2knots.

By the time I got there, they were done with their circuit work so I was all alone. I overflew the field, 500' above circuit altitude and trying to find the windsock. From my interpretation of the CFS, it should be closer to the threshold of 36. Alas, I couldn't find it.

I proceeded to land on 18, and on my roll out, found the windsock. It was closer to the middle of the runway, than what the CFS depicted. hmm.. Maybe I should submit a correction?

The runway has a pretty significant slope to it, especially landing on 18.

It was easy to find at night, the beacon was one of the brighter ones I've seen.

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