Ottawa / Carp Airport

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Picture of H-Ottawa

Touch n go no more, according to this thread...

Picture of jasmantle

Quiet Airport

With the closure of Carp Flying Academy, and the general economic slowdown, this airport has become quite quiet. Which means it is a good place to visit for practicing circuits. Very well maintained, and a fuel pump with credit card card-lock. The Unicom is generally silent - don't expect an airport advisory.

Touch N Go Aviation, a pilot supply retail outlet, is onsite - you can taxi right to the door.

EAA is onsite, as well as a number of hangers. Ottawa Flying Club, according to an article in COPA Flight, is looking to temporarily relocate here while YOW 4-22 is repaved.

Picture of david

Airport sold

The airport has been sold to developers, who plan to continue to operate it and to build a residential airpark around it:

Picture of AndreVenture

re: Airport sold

Reply to @david: The airport has not been sold yet. The city agrees to sell. The city said the proposed sale result in $1,225,000...

Picture of chope

Self-serve fuel

Self-serve fuel systems at CYRP, CYSH and now CYCC all work great and pricing is usually comparable.

Picture of Tony

Light rail

I live in Orleans but my hangar is at Carp. Light rail would solve lots of problems. I think Carp and Arnprior are the only local airports to permit the building of private hangars at reasonable cost.

Picture of david

Light rail

Thanks for the fuel info, Tony.

There's talk at Ottawa city council about building a light rail line as far as the village of Carp. If that ever happens (and it would be years away), CYRP could become a fairly important Ontario GA airport.

Picture of Tony

Self-serve fuel

Yes, they have 24-hour self-serve, and their regular customers can sign up for their loyalty program for another discount! See John at West Capital in the FBO building.

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Self-serve fuel

I have read that they've recently added a 24-hour self-serve AvGas pump, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet.

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