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Nice and quiet

It's a beautiful and quiet spot with lost of friendly faces and BBQ's on Friday's :-)

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GA Friendly Airport

A very nice place to land while visiting the Niagara Falls (don't forget to check out the CYR 518 rules before attempting to fly over the waterfall!) Huge pawed runways, lots of parking space, absolutely friendly and helpful people at the FBO and on St. Catharines radio. Pleasure to visit or fly by, easy to find.

Picture of bcrosby

Easy to find

This airport was extremely easy to find. Just follow the shoreline until you see Jordan Bay. Then bam, it's at your 12 o'clock (if you're coming from the west).

Nice long strip..

Didn't stay, just did a touch and go.

Picture of redlaser

re: St.Catharines airport

Its a great place to visit......See ya

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St.Catharines airport

The airport is only a 10 munite drive from the Falls (niagara falls) there are also helicopter and aircraft flights over the falls every day. The airport is served by a Flight service station and there are motels and hotels in close proximety. Niagara region is also a wine region so wine tours are common. Niagara on the lake is one of the most beautiful towns in canada and is located a 5 minute drive from the airport.

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