Billy Bishop Toronto City Centre Airport

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STOLPORT FBO, Located Apron 1 - North East Corner provides now FUEL

Really close to the ferry and terminal

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Keeping my plane at Toronto Island Airport

I'm looking for a place to keep my Cessna 172. Where's the best place on the Island for inside (or outside) parking? Costs?


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Increased fees

The Porter FBO now charges $50+tax/night for tie-down for a single-engine piston plane; no discount for fuel (unless you buy more than 400 litres / 105 US gallons).

The Trans-Capital ramp at the other (east) end of the airport charges $35/night, but doesn't sell fuel.

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Do they accep debit?

Anyone know if they accept debit for fuel payment? Or does it have to be credit card?

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Arrival Listings

How could AC 7517 from Montreal to Toronto not even be listed?

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Service at Porter FBO. Wow.

Date of trip: 2013-06-15. Outstanding service. They'll drive you from the FBO to the ferry, and there is an FBO phone so you can call them to come pick you up. It's about 5 minute walk west, then south, if you choose to forego the drive. Then you can take the Porter shuttle bus to the area of the Royal York,a nd catch the subway (or a taxi) from there.

Fuel (100LL) was $2.00/litre plus 13% HST. Ouch.

Parking on the Porter ramp was n/c for less than an hour, or $25 for a day, or $35 for overnight (all plus 13% HST). I arrives at 11am Saturday, and did not leave until 8pm Sunday, they charged me for one overnight. For that length of time, that's less expensive than parking my car at a downtown Toronto hotel.

Landing fees at CYTZ are currently $11 (probably plus tax - have not received that in the mail as yet).

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Toronto Plumbers

We would like to exchange links with your Toronto website. Visit us for more information:

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First Airport

Learned to fly out of the Island while working in Toronto. Used to live on a sailboat in the Center Island Marina and fly out of the Island airport. It was good livin'!

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Stolen name

Toronto has to take everything. Billy Bishop, arguably the British Empires no 1 flying ace of WWI was from OWEN SOUND. Thats why the airport in OWEN SOUND is called Billy Bishop and was called that first. So good job Toronto, you couldnt think up something original and had to steal OWEN SOUND's airport name.

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Porter Airport Parking / Toronto Island Airport Parking / Bi

This is for those that have complained about the expensive parking rates at the airport above aka Toronto City Center Airport or YTZ.

I recently had to catch a flight out of Porter and parked at 19 Bathurst St, just behind the Amsterdam Brewery, which happen to only be a short 5 minute walk to the terminal. And at only $20/day, it was a no brainer. Especially when you consider that Porter airport charges a whopping $38/day!



Frequent Flyer

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Awesome Airport!


10 OUT OF 10!

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re: Awesome Airport!

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you also like my favourite airport. I think the Island Airport will seem busy if you're used to a quiet, GA-only airport like (say) Smith's Falls, Brampton or Burlington, but will feel quiet and relaxed (and almost rustic) if you're used to to busier airports like Montreal or Ottawa.

I'd also give it a high grade - 9/10 (reserving one mark because the Porter FBO, while great, is a bit too expensive).

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My experience landing at Billy Bishop

Landing was great , even though it looked somewhat scary.

The boat ride was 1-2 minutes

Excellent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ILS / PAPI Angles

Some useless trivia... the ILS glideslope for runway 08 is 3.5 degrees (PAPI 3.9 degrees). The ILS glideslope for runway 26 is 4.8 degrees (as is the PAPI). The PAPI angle for runway 15 is 5.5 degrees, which is the same as the ILS at London City Airport (EGLC). The steepest ILS that I could find is at Lugano, Switzerland (LSZA); the ILS glideslope is 6.65 degrees.

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re: My Home Base

Reply to @dazuppa: it's not hard to bring a Cherokee in on a 6+ deg glidepath - I'm guessing the ILS 26 isn't quite that steep.

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I'm told there's no place to eat at the airport? Do you have to take the ferry to get a bite to eat.

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re: restaurnts

There's a Druxy's Deli in the old (white, wooden) airport terminal.

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pleasant parking spot

Victor's crew is always warm & friendly to fly-in visitors, despite the fuel issue.

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Island Tunnel

Porter is trying to build a tunnel to replace some of the ferry service.

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Taxis by ferry dock

There are often taxis waiting for fares by the mainland ferry dock, especially if a Porter flight is due in.

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Fees at Trans-Capital

When Trans-Capital sold Esso fuel, it used to be a great deal for parking. Now, unfortunately, the parking charges are virtually the same as Porter's. Updated by phone 2009-06-29, confirm by calling Trans-Capital at (416) 361-1100. All prices Canadian:

Ramp fee (under 20 minutes, single-engine piston): $20

Ramp fee (over 20 minutes, single-engine piston): $25

Overnight parking (single-engine piston): $35

Trans-Capital no longer sells fuel, but the Porter FBO fuel truck will come over and fuel your plane there. No point, really, since you might as well just park at Porter.

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Fees and fuel update for Porter FBO

Updated by phone 2009-06-29. Call the Porter FBO at (416) 203-2424 for confirmation. All prices Canadian.

Fuel (100LL): $1.60/litre + GST (CA $6.06/US gallon)

Ramp fee (single-engine piston): $25

Overnight parking (single-engine piston): $35

Note: parking and ramp are mutually-exclusive -- you don't have to pay both.

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Visited for the first time the other day

The airport is very scenic, especially at night. The ramp and fuel prices are tough to swallow though. The airport closes at 11pm, and the last ferry runs at midnight.

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Porter FBO contact info

Phone: (416) 203-2424

Fax: (416) 203-9592



Unicom: 123.35 MHz

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Best airport for Blue Jays baseball

This airport is a short walk from Skydome (now the Rogers Centre), where the Toronto Blue Jays play -- you could probably watch a bit of a game from your plane on short final when the roof's open (check out the satellite picture).

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Airport closes at night

The airport closes some time around 11:00 pm (no takeoffs or landings allowed except medevac) and the ferry across the channel stops, so unless you can track down a water taxi you're stuck for the night. A few years ago I talked to one pilot who landed late, didn't get away in time, and ended up sleeping in his plane.

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Friendly Staff at Porter

I have frequented the Porter (City Center Aviation previously) for the past year and a half and would say that the staff here really make the difference. I know of the cost issue with ramp fees and expensive fuel but go to any major US city (Boston loves to give it to GA) and it is not as bad you might think.

One of the nicest spots to stop into within walking distance to Starbucks, Sushi restaurant, Tim Hortons, Quiznos, Subway and a few hotels. I walk rather quickly so take that with a grain of salt :)

Compared to Pearson or Buttonville this is where I would rather land then no matter were I was going in Toronto.

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My favourite x/c

This airport is great to fly into at night, beautiful view of the city.

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Awesome downtown airport!

This is a great airport if you are visiting Toronto. You land on the island, right next to downtown. The approach gives you a dramatic view of the CN Tower, the baseball stadium, and the downtown core. A quick ferry ride takes you to the mainland. Hop public transit, or grab a cab, and you're in the core in a matter of minutes. The city is quite walkable and has fabulous public transit. No need to rent a car to visit the main sites in Canada's largest city.

Pearson (Toronto's major Int'l airport) is way out in the west end - there is no efficient public transit into the downtown core, and a car/cab ride is going to take at least 45 minutes, if the highways aren't jammed with traffic. The smaller airports (Buttonville, etc.) are great if you're visiting the 'burbs, but not so great for downtown.

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Ferry is free

The new ferry is free, at least so far. If you fly in with four people, that's a significant saving at $5.50/person.

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Porter FBO

I tried out the Porter FBO yesterday. The fuel was expensive, but they waived the ramp fee because I was a COPA member (I think that the offer's good only for summer 2007). It's not a bad FBO, aside from the cost ($35/night tie-down, etc.).

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Very nice airport

This is a nice airport to visit, though I miss being able to get fuel at TransCapital.

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Nice airport

This is one of the nicest airports in Canada for flying to a big city, either commercially or in a private plane. It's unbelievably quiet considering how close it is Toronto freeways, and you can actually walk downtown after taking the little ferry across.

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