Lester B. Pearson International Airport

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Picture of david

UP train to downtown is great

When I was stranded here for 30 hours after a missed connection (see my previous comment), I was about to look for an airport hotel, when I remembered that it's just as fast and easy to get downtown now that the UP Train is running. I remember when downtown was an hour++ and a $75 taxi ride; now its a few bucks and a 25-minute ride on a train that runs every 15 minutes. You'd be insane to stay at the crappy airport hotels these days; you'd probably spend more time waiting for their shuttle than just riding the UP Train to civilisation.

Picture of david

Don't transfer here

This is a great airport for people living in/near the GTA, but it's an awful one for connections, because when it shuts down for a thunderstorm (etc), it takes hours to recover. I was connecting from Ottawa to Copenhagen, sat for a 3-hour ground hold in Ottawa, missed my connection in Toronto, stood in line for 2 hours waiting for the chronically-understaffed (and ironically-named) Air Canada courtesy counter, and had to fight hard to avoid being moved to a flight 48 hours later. When things go wrong at YYZ, they go wrong badly, and it takes the airport a long time to recover.

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Private Jet and Helicopter Charter

This is one of the bases for Novajet Aviation Group. Diverse fleet of executive private jets, turbo-props and helicopters.

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Rude and unorganized

Very disappointed with the lack of customer service and the overall lack of organization. Nearly every employee we interacted with was argumentative and sharp with every response. This ranged from airline employees to security to people stationed at customs. The airport is a disaster. I understand there is a remodel effort underway, but the floors of the airport are disgusting. There is very little seating if you happen to be trapped for extended periods. There were at least uniformed airport "security" that sat around for several hours just socializing. They were loud and were loudly using foul language. Maybe management should hang out one night and see what goes on. I hate having to rant about something, but this was by far the worst airport I have ever encountered.

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Connecting from USA, in transit to Brazil

Not enough staff directing people and offering help. Came in from Pittsburgh, in transit to São Paulo. I've never been thru YYZ. They told me to go downstairs to baggage claim. But that wasn't necessary- evidently I missed a turn, went out to the terminal, thru security again. I found the airport not easy to navigate. Of course I should have prepared better as well.

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(no subject)

Bolt here come grass under càrr tyre surrounding electrified lights. Cooler here Elizabeth Here

Picture of david

Bad airport for connections

If you're arriving at Terminal 1 and your connecting flight leaves from Terminal 3, you'll have to retrieve your checked baggage, exit the secure area, and line up again in the public security line in Terminal 3. Be warned.

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A 70's airport

Very nice if you want to dive into the past. Apparently no developments since 40 year either in services and structure. It took 1 hour to receive luggage after landing from Vancouver. Everything is old fashioned and not at all in line with airports of lesser developed countries.

Really a bad experience

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Horrible lines

They know how many flights are coming in, why can't they staff customs properly? Had to line up upstairs before making it downstairs for a hall of more line ups. Over an hour in line. Ridiculous. I'll fly though Buffalo though I like in Toronto.

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Rip Off!

Everything from the parking to the food/drink is overpriced!

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Design and service

Truly World class !!

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Private Jet Charter

Skyservice does have an FBO at this airport if you want to fly charter.

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The Web Site

This site is perfect

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terminal one or terminal three

How do you know which terminal you need to use when flying in or flying out. This is a flight from Vancouver to Toronto.

Picture of prattsoplenty

re: terminal one or terminal three

If you are flying on Air Canada, they use Terminal 1. If you are flying on Westjet, they use Terminal 3. Other airline's information can be found under the Pilot Info tab and/or visiting the airport webpage.

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web design

Terrible web site. badly designed and unfriendly.

Picture of david

re: web design

Thanks for the feedback. Any suggestions on how to improve it?

David Megginson, Founder, OurAirports

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Why is Toronto International Airport not customer friendly

It is always a pain to fly back into Toronto Airport despite the fact that it is an image builder for the city and country for so many visitors. First it is an expensive airport so the fees you pay are already one of the highest in the world. Second it is usually miles to walk from the plane up escalators, down escalators in a bland corridors and vast rooms. then you come to the immigration where the clueless personel trying to make orderly lines make you walk much further than necessary as necessary in a snake rather than individual lines. Then the insult of arriving after tiring journey and being asked to faddle about and pay $2 for a luggage cart. This last item is one of my tests for a civilised country. Most airports that I have visited mainly Europe offer free carts. Clearly Toronto airport is greedily money oriented rather than making customers happy. This really leaves a bad taste in the mouth. I am ashamed of Toronto airport because of its snivelling attitude. Try looking at airport users as humans you want to impress. It may be the most improved airport in Canada but it is still bottom of the pile.

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re: Why is Toronto International Airport not customer frien

oh, you are so wrong!!!!!! First though, my question would be why do you travel with so much luggage that you cannot simply wheel it around for yourself?

Yesterday I was meeting a 13 year old who was on a five hour layover from Barcelona to Edmonton. I asked an airport employee if he could provide me with some information about where she would be so that I could meet her. He asked me to write a note for her, then he found her when the plane arrived, ensured that everything was well with her and later on purchased us drinks at Tim Horton's. I was friendly, not angry; my niece was polite; the employee was phenomenal. My niece had heard scare stories about Toronto (Edmonton apparently bashes Toronto too), but this simple act of 'niceness' gave her a wonderful introduction to our (my!) city. Maybe change your outlook and you will find more pleasant circumstances.

Picture of david

re: Aircraft times/arrivals/departures

What kind of listings are you looking for, and in what order?

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Aircraft times/arrivals/departures

the listings on this site are a disgraceful mess - haphazard. slipshod listings in a semi-chaotic order

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this web site sucks

Picture of mikeo.l_l.29400

aircraft spotting

aircraft spotting is ausome at this airport cause you can see almost any variaty of aircraft

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re: gy


Picture of jasmantle

Avoid avoid avoid.....

I do everything in my power to avoid flying through Toronto International (which is yet another airport named after a dead politician, a dismal trend). The security line-ups are long, the prices are high, the taxes are high, and the layout of the terminal (it takes 20 minutes to walk from the gate at international arrivals to customs - and then you have to exit into the unscreened area and go through security again. Just a really really bad layout.

Fortunately, being in Ottawa, I can get almost anywhere in North America in one connection or less - while avoiding YYZ.

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re: Supply / demand

I flew a Cessna 150 in and out of YYZ many years ago when flying ops were moved from the BFC to YZ's north end due muddy runways in the spring.

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re: Supply / demand

I flew a Cessna 150 in and out of YYZ many years ago when flying ops were moved from the BFC to YZ's north end due muddy runways in the spring.

Picture of david

World's highest landing fees

This is the world's expensive airport -- http://www.cbc.ca/money/story/2005/11/15/gtaa-051115.html

If you're a private pilot, you can get dinged with a landing fee close to CA $200 even in a light plane, and that's before ramp fees, parking, etc. If you're an airline passenger, your share of the obscene landing fee (over $13,000 to land a 747, vs around $3,000 at other Canadian airports) is tacked onto your ticket price.

The high fees have nothing to do with the fact that the airport's busy -- it has about the same traffic as Philadelphia Intl (PHL), which had no landing fee for light aircraft when I visited in 2003 and charges around US $2,000 for a 747 to land. Something's just broken somewhere, and nobody will take responsibility for the problem.

If you're coming to Toronto, use CYTZ (downtown), CYKZ (northeast), CYOO (east), CNC3 (northwest), or CZBA (west). CYTZ has a landing fee of around $10 for a light plane (watch the ramp fees at Porter, though!), and the others have no landing fee at all.

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