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CZBA Burlington Executive Airpark weather

Burlington Executive Airpark weather - or

Up to the minute transcribed weather - toll-free: 1-844-WXB-CZBA

AWOS frequency: 122.55MHz

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24h fuel!

Very friendly reception, reasonable fuel prices, and self-service to boot (use your credit card at the pump). 24h fuel access means you don't need to worry about getting there before the FBO closes. Wish more airports had fuel services liket his.

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Airport Overall

Recently introduced runway is under "restricted" use. Airport manager tries to get everyone to use an unpublished and unsafe circuit procedure when using a certain runway for unforeseen noise complaints (27 I think). Self serve fuel does no take debit, only Credit Cards. The flight school installed a new simulator which takes up all the leisure space inside the FBO. The restaurant closed recently and no one really comes in to hang out on the weekends anymore. Hangar prices went up recently and are costly. Airport is slowly improving with the construction however it feels like they have recently been removing the community aspect of flying in Burlington which is a shame for what the airport was many years ago.

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Crosswind runway and misc updates

A crosswind runway was recently completed, making Burlington really comfortable and easy to operate from. Maneuvering surfaces are in a very good shape, overall airport infrastructure looks better and better with every visit.

FBO status remains the same - sort of struggling through and not quite organized, missing a leading hand. Seen a King Air blasting the parked Cessnas (yes, he was doing a run-up next to the pumps, pointing its tail to the ramp within 60 ft). Advised the FBO folks, they refused to comment or take any action to prevent the damage of their own airplanes.

For the renters - add $10 to the prices from the Spectrum Airways website, this is called a "temporary fuel surcharge" or something like that, but looks like its a permanent thing in disguise.

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Good alternative to Brampton

Burlington is a bit tough to find - especially at night, but they have a large, well maintained runway and decent on-site services. FBO looks bigger inside than it is outside. For the renters and students, practice area is 0.5 from the place - add that to the budget for training and checkrides. Airport is fairly busy, and rental prices are ok. I wouldn't call myself a huge fan of Burlington, but choosing between it and Brampton, I'll go Burlington anytime.

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Vending machines

The flying school is the only (sort-of) public building at the airport. It has washrooms, a restaurant that operates only on weekends, and vending machines available the rest of the week.

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Burlington has both 100LL and Jet-A. The fuel pumps are operated by the airport, not the Spectrum Airways flight school.

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new fuelling system now includes jet a fuel

new fuelling system includes jet a and avgas available as of dec 1/07

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Spectrum Airways

A great family business which includes a maintenance facility with energetic and helpful mechanics. One of the best places I've overnighted with my plane.

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First Visit

This was my first time to Burlington.. it was a busy airport, a few people during circuits. Unicom girl was helpful and I later found out was cute as hell.

Nice terminal with windows all around so you can see activity on all the runways.

I couldn't find a pilot registry to sign or anything...

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Spectrum Aiways

Great flight school. If you come in early on the weekends, you can get breakfast in the flight school building. That lady makes the best omelets in town!

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Great place to learn to fly.

A busy airport with lots of new things happening given the change in ownership. Good improvements.

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