NOTAMS for Djanet Inedbirene Airport

This is not an official NOTAM source, and NOTAMs may be missing or out of date. Includes only aerodrome-specific NOTAMS.

NOTAM A1738/24: Djanet Inedbirene Airport (DAAJ)

A1738/24 NOTAMR A1334/24 Q) DAAA/QMXHW/IV/M/A/000/999/2418N00927E005 A) DAAJ B) 2406090727 C) 2407090900 EST E) WIP ON NORTH EDGE TWY A1 CREATED: 09 Jun 2024 07:29:00 SOURCE: DAAAYNYX

NOTAM A1632/24: Djanet Inedbirene Airport (DAAJ)

A1632/24 NOTAMR A0911/24 Q) DAAA/QMSLC/IV/BO/A/000/999/2418N00927E005 A) DAAJ B) 2405310740 C) 2408010945 EST E) SWY RWY12 CLSD CREATED: 31 May 2024 07:40:00 SOURCE: DAAAYNYX

NOTAM A1408/24: Djanet Inedbirene Airport (DAAJ)

A1408/24 NOTAMR A0826/24 Q) DAAA/QFAXX/IV/M/A/000/999/2418N00927E005 A) DAAJ B) 2405170814 C) 2407160900 EST E) DOGS PRESENCE ON AD CREATED: 17 May 2024 08:15:00 SOURCE: DAAAYNYX