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Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport is a major international airport in London, England. It is the largest of the six international airports serving Greater London. The airport facility is owned and operated by Heathrow Airport Holdings. In 2021, it was the seventh-busiest airport in the world by international passenger traffic and eighth-busiest in Europe by total passenger traffic.

Heathrow was founded as a small airfield in 1929 but was developed into a much larger airport after World War II. The airport lies 14 miles west of Central London on a site that covers 12.27 square kilometres. It was gradually expanded over seventy-five years and now has two parallel east–west runways, four operational passenger terminals and one cargo terminal. The airport is the primary hub for both British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

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London Heathrow Airport

Check out arrivals and departures time tables from London Heathrow Airport:

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) - Arrivals


London Heathrow Airport (LHR) - Departures


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I want say Wishes Happy Valentine to Mireille & Nilda of the Locuna Family...Luv u all..Kiss..Motch...

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Lousy transit airport

Complicated and difficult to get around, service and shops not great. Not a good transit ariport in my view.

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Hello,every this is JULIAN,it's my Greatest Wish to Travel to the UNITED KINGDOM(LONDON),fortunately i discovered Some friends that help this journey accomplished.Anyway,i would to say Big Thankx to these friends,i.e Nilda & Mireille Locuna Dougan of N17.God Bless with much Comfort them for their kindest Curtesy...

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(no subject)


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Tube Connex

The Tube connections are really handy for getting out and into the heart of the city. Very efficient.

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One of the great airports in the world

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Heathrow will become better once Scotland gains its independence

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Third Runway

The pratt who said now he has seen the Satellite view of Heathrow realize that a whole village will be demolished and a cemetery with all my family and friends in will be ripped up .

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Third runway at Heathrow

Now that I see a satellite picture of Heathrow I see just how easy it would be to add a third runway the other side of the Bath Road. Do th British want to keep a place in the Top Ten of European flight centers or not? Get on with it Brits!

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airside trolleys

Modern airports provide airside trolleys, which fit inside toilet cubicles for security. Heathrow is too mean. This is an important facility for mothers carrying necessities for small children and for elderly passengers who find the trolleys convenient to lean on, while wheeling their cabin luggage and duty free purchases. I have heard LHR staff comment that they are fed up with collecting and stacking the trolleys. Apparently this is not a problem for staff at Amsterdam, Zurich and other modern, customer friendly airports.

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Reply to @ELICE: en mi experiencia, el ΓΊnica problema serio con Heathrow es la espera larga en las aduanas. En otros aspectos, me parece un buen aeropuerto, y es fΓ‘cil llegar al centro de Londres desde allΓ­.

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Como pasajero, las veces que me ha tocado visitar este aeropuerto, siempre destaca un aire de profesionalidad y buen hacer. Sabemos que tiene un factor en contra que cuando nos pueden sorprender las inclemencias.

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This is obviously an old photo (pre 17Jan) as you can clearly see the scars left by the undercarriage and engines of the BA38 on the grass area. It shows as a very bright green set of 'tracks'. Could google send their satellite over LHR again soon to see them please?

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Boeing 777 runway undershoot

On Thursday 17 January 2008, British Airways flight 38, a Boeing 777 inbound from Beijing, landed short of the runway at Heathrow with its gear not fully deployed -- there's some indication that the plane had a power loss. There were only minor injuries, and the airport continued operations using its other runway. Wikipedia is already on top of the story:


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New terminal

In March 2008, Heathrow will be opening its new Terminal 5, with 112 stores and restaurants (designed to handle traffic at the 2012 Olympics). There's a virtual tour at the airport's web site:


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Avoid Heathrow

Tim Bray has a blog entry on why you should avoid Heathrow at all costs:


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