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Billund is the main regional airport for the region of Jylland in Denmark, with connections to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Poland, France, UK, Austria, Estland, Letland, The Faroes, Iceland as well as a host of charter destinations.. Apart from being a vital service for the communities in the region, it and the region has several other interesting attractions, number one probably being LEGO, the famous buidling block. The airport was actually started by the Lego-family and business, in order to facilitate expansion and development of the building block. Lego is still the main employer in the relatively small community, but which has a rather large regional reach. The first LEGOLAND is situated just south of the runway and so is one of Europes largest aqualands, waterfun-for-the-whole-family type of recreational facilty. A few miles from the airport you'll find Givskud Zoo, a major excotic animal park, much known for its extensive research in animal behaviour and endangered species preservation.

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