NOTAMS for Kristiansand Airport

This is not an official NOTAM source, and NOTAMs may be missing or out of date. Includes only aerodrome-specific NOTAMS.

NOTAM A2348/21: Kristiansand Airport (ENCN)

A2348/21 NOTAMN Q) ENOR/QSTAH/IV/BO /A /000/999/5812N00805E005 A) ENCN B) 2106170000 C) 2106272359 E) TWR HR OF SER: MON-FRI 0400-1930, SAT 0720-1630, SUN 0640-2145 CREATED: 16 Jun 2021 10:30:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN

NOTAM A2347/21: Kristiansand Airport (ENCN)

A2347/21 NOTAMN Q) ENOR/QSTAH/IV/BO /A /000/999/5812N00805E005 A) ENCN B) 2106280000 C) 2108152359 E) TWR HR OF SER: MON-FRI 0400-2000, SAT 0430-2030, SUN 0600-2145 CREATED: 16 Jun 2021 10:08:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN

NOTAM A2046/21: Kristiansand Airport (ENCN)

A2046/21 NOTAMR A0752/21 Q) ENOR/QOBCE/IV/M /A /000/999/5812N00805E005 A) ENCN B) 2106010751 C) 2109010800 EST E) RIG MOORED IN HARBOUR KONGSGAARDBUKTA PSN 580916N 0080216E, HGT 425FT AMSL, MARKED WITH RED LGT CREATED: 01 Jun 2021 07:52:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN

NOTAM A1649/21: Kristiansand Airport (ENCN)

A1649/21 NOTAMN Q) ENOR/QFATT/IV/BO /A /000/999/5812N00805E005 A) ENCN B) 2106170000 C) 2106302359 E) TRIGGER NOTAM - AIRAC AIP AMDT 06/2021 WEF 17 JUN 2021 AD 2 ENCN 1. AD 2.12: RESA 21 AND RESA UNDERSHOOT 21 CHANGED. RESA UNDERSHOOT 03 ESTABLISHED. AD 2.23: RESA RWY 21 CHANGED TO 110M CREATED: 06 May 2021 09:21:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN