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Disgusted to be a south african

Arriving this morning from London Heathrow I was shocked angered and saddened by the treatment people receive from south african staff at passport border custom control no wonder tourism is down i heard comments from tourists saying they will not come to south Africa again and I don't blame them the staff at Heathrow are all nationalities and treat people with respect and dignity in our country south Africa i would not speak to my dogs that way is it racism towards white people I think so

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Every thing is over priced high priced safari high price rip of private accommodations will be better of visiting local wild life in own country and help own economy ,smoking inside area in joberg donor go there you have to spend 30 rands to have a smoke as you have to buy some thing to buy at rip of price

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Pathetic service for south Africans returning

We waited more than 40 minutes for passport control for citizens of the country .

World cup soccer certainly changed nothing

4 people working . Well done

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It's not as bad as you think

I fly in and out of South Africa about six times a year, usually to Nairobi or Dar es Salaam. Anyone who thinks OR Tambo is a dirty airport, full of rude staff has obviously never been north of the Limpopo to airports like Dar es Salaam, Addis, or Nairobi. I find the customs staff at best, friendly, and (mostly) at worst, disinterested. If you want rude, combative and vulgar customs staff try arriving in America in Atlanta or Miami.

If you've ever travelled by air in the rest of Africa you'll realise OR Tambo is relatively slick, organised and miles, miles better than Dar es Salaam or Nairobi airport. I for one feel happy and proud wherever I return to OR Tambo.

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Passport picture taken by the security

I was traveling to Dublin Ireland and the security just before boarding took a picture of our passports using his cellphone. According to him this is security that we will come back after our visit. Is this the new procedures?

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Immigration problem

I traveled to China last week on a return ticket to Sa.. I got to Guangzhou airport yesterday to board back and I was not allowed to board because my twin sisters passport was flagged on their system..my plane left me and had to stay for another day because they said SA system is down hence they can't verify my identity

What I don't understand is why I'm being punished for my sister because we are not even identical twins and our passport numbers are not the same, even our ID numbers.

On top of it have been trying to get hold of the immigration office and no answer

I'm stuck in China, have to buy another ticket, extend my hotel

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The Airport code is incorrect.

Is should be FAOR not FAJS.

Within Windy App no METAR/TAF/NOTAM can be displayed as the Identification code is incorrect.

How can this be corrected?

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Missing Flight Information

If a flight leaves at 06:00 pm or 09:00 pm it does NOT appear on the departures window. It has slipped between the cracks.

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How to get to VRE (vredendal ) from Tambo (JNB)

i cannot ind any compagny , flying to vredendal (not Mango not Kulula, not Sa flights)

i see many airports with pink/purple, blue ore yellow spots ,, but none is flying thre : who knows?

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Security Check totally inappropriate !!

I just got back from an overseas trip and was flying from OR Tambo to King Shaka.. when I went through the security check, the scanner had beeped so I was pulled aside to be searched.

I think it is totally unhygienic and inappropriate that the security do not wear gloves when they conduct the search on your body.

No one would want someone else to be touching their clothes especially when we don't know where those hands have been.

The airport security company should definitely implement a new way of conducting the search. Making sure that they include wearing of gloves when conducting a search

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They are there to assist and gets paid for it but they are useless, no manners or people skills. I went through the check-in and needed guidance to confirm the departure level, well he sat there not greeting me after I greeted him, looked at me like I am disturbing him and such an effort to get him out of the chair to check. Very rude reply stating the number.. DISGUSTING.

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Your staff are disgusting theives today 18.10.17 they harassed and robbed a foreigner entering the country. They gentlemen from Colombia was called into their office searched 25 dollars which was all in his wallet was take from him as well as his sunglasses. Please believe this matter will be take to the highest authority digusted and emabrassed to be South African today

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Good Day

I would like to bring to your attention the pathetic, devastating experience I had last night whilst being at the OR Tambo Airport.

I brought my mum in who was flying to kzn on a Mango flight. she had just come out of hospital and had to be on a wheel chair. My mum was taken to the ASSISTED PASSENGER DEPARTMENT at the Airport. the staff members on duty at that time are extremely unfriendly and rude. The Manager that was there (Thoko) has no customer service at all. she was screaming and shouting at us. my mom was waiting for an hour no one had assisted us or asked if any help was needed. the flight was at 8:50 pm at 8:40 we had to ask if someone is going to take her to the plane as she was in a wheel chair. The Wheel Chair assistant was also very rude she just left my mom unattended he name is Kelegibole her attitude stinks she should be fired you don't treat people that way. We are paying for the services and expect to be treated well.

I trust that action be taken against that department. they were all eating and playing with cell phones and screaming and laughing instead of being professional that place was a fish market.... this incident is being reported to the consumer board as well and to the newspapers. OR Tambo will get a bad name due to staff members you have employed above............

I demand that serious action be taken. If needed I will personally come to the Airport and identify all those staff members.....

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Bad Attitudes

What bad attitude from Passport Control Officials. These people shout from counter to counter, laughing and joking and when you are spoken to , you are spoken to like a piece of dirt. BAD ATTITUDES and what a poor reflection on our country . Never seen this anywhere in the world .


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Emigration counters JNB airport

How on earth does the department of home affairs explain their DISMAL shortage of staff manning the emigration counters at what is supposed to be the country's main airport?

It's actually PATHETIC!

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Jumping the line

After waiting in line for half a hour to check in and finally reaching the front, the check in official instructed all the passengers travelling to PE to move to the front. Although I was also traveling to PE, all the passengers from the back of the line rushed in front to jump the que. What a frustrating experience.

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Still using old ICAO code

Hi, you are still using the old ICAO code for this airport.

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You are still using FAJS. This has changed since many years to FAOR.

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Heart broken of OR Tambo

My boyfriend send me parcel from Scotland to south African airport (OR Tambo airport) so I know that I am going to pay 3 500 for delivery.okey I pay .so next day urgent call me that I must pay for final clearance is 8 500 .next day again urgent call me that I must pay 12 000 for money laundry certificate .after two day urgent call me that I must pay 8 900 sign and stemp .so I paid all R 33 000 and again the want R 33 000 to realise my parcel so please I don't have that money I need help please

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4 year laters and still the wrong ICAO identifier

dear administrator,

how can we ensure the FAOR will really redirect to Johannesburg airport and not anymore to this landing strip?


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Immigration exit or Thambo

2 hours to leave the country ... less than half the counters occupied , no feedback .

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Horrendous wait, long queues.

What a place to waste your life. If you are in the mood for the most bureaucratic and lackadaisical service, this may be it! Perhaps SA should open up international tourism for bureaucratic incompetence and unintelligent planning.

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Domestic departures toilets

These are disgustingly dirty the chairs were not pulled and the toilet bowls looked like the had not been cleaned in ages there was stale poo on the sides of the toilet bowls and it smelled digusting

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Worst service ever

I've travelled to many international destinations, and travel to OT at least once a year. It has to be the worst service you expect on this planet. And even worse - the service is getting more pathetic every year. I do not mind the long flight to ZA, but the customs reception at OT is disgusting to say the least.

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After quing for ages at border control I am glad to leave the Shittest organised immigration control in the world.

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After quing for ages at border control I am glad to leave the Shittest organised immigration control in the world.

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After quing for ages at border control I am glad to leave the Shittest organised immigration control in the world.

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I wish I could put my attitude towards the immigration department at OR Tambo in writing without being jailed. Read between the lines what I want to report.

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Chaos to say the least. Worst service in decades. Down the drain with immigration department.

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What a disaster

Paasport control must be the worst in the world, is this an image of our government ??? YES, typical Africa.. I suggest when the fat cats take overseas trips they go through the normal control to see the disaster. WAKE UP GOVERNMENT!!!

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Extremely rude immigration staff

I was traveling to JHB OR Tambo from Abu Dhabi Etihad flight. Upon landing at JHB, I proceeded to the passport control hall. It was all full since some other flights had also arrived same time. I had to wait in line for almost 2 hours. Then when my turn came, I handed over my passport to the officer for stamping. The officer with his SHIT attitude said to me why didn't I greet him at first. I mean how does it make sense? I walked to the counter and handed over the passport. After waiting in line for 2 hours I may not be in a mood to greet him! And is it not his responsibility as well to greet people entering in his country? Total SHAME! That counter is actually the entry gate to the country and when you face such rude people you feel like never coming back to the country. Is this how you welcome guests into South Africa? Really?

Also while waiting in line there was no sitting arrangement, no water nothing! There was free Wi-Fi just for name sake. (which didn't work as expected).

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Absolute chaos

It took me nearly two hours to get through passport control at Joburg airport this morning after my flight from the UK. It was absolutely chaotic with no organisation the queues were four deep and there were very few passport staff available. When approached the staff were most unhelpful avoiding eye contact and shrugging their shoulders saying we the travelling public were being aggressive. This is my first visit to South Africa, and I'm sorry to say it will be my last after this experience. Not a way to encourage tourism.

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Change the ICAO

Please change the ICAO code shown (FAJS) to FAOR.

Thank yoy

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dear /sir madam.

well im very sad to say that my friend was raped by friend but now we have 2 break the silince the guy is in kenya and he has to be arrested when coming in .

his name is emmanuel ole kipino tukkuo when you arrest him he will take you up to here where he raped my friend in vryburg northwest where he was working for insurance we reported but the guy talked with the police not to areest him now he has to be arrested.

thanks you lebohang

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Home Affairs agent refused to allow me into South Africa bec

I just passed through JNB airport (16:10 PM on December 21). I am on a one-night layover from Malawi to the United States, a layover I have a half dozen times per year for work-related travel. As I have completed this exact itinerary many times in the past, I was one of the first off of my flight to arrive in the cue for non-visa countries. Much to my dismay, between when I entered the metal maze to get to the front and when I actually got to the front, a Home Affairs agent had allowed dozens of people from the visa-required line into the non-visa line. So, I was about 30 people back in line than I would have been if I had gotten to the metal maze 30 seconds earlier seconds earlier. Now, I can understand reallocating people across lines, but the problem is that visa-required visitors take a longer time to process, so it is inefficient for everyone and frustrating for customers to reallocate people between these lines. By the time I got to the front of the line, I was admittedly impatient. I did not say anything, however, as I stepped up to the desk. The Home Affairs woman looked at me and said, "Choose another line." And I said, "Why?" And she said, "I did not like how you threw your passport at me." I moved to another line, where I was processed expediently.

Now, as a technical point, it would have been impossible for me to actually throw my passport, as I had to reach around the previous person to even put it on the counter, as he was taking a long time to pack up his belongings.

But that is, of course, not the point. The point is that it is not the role of an immigration agent to decide who gets to enter the country based on manners or demeanor. They process documents, not personalities. Further, my behavior was not at all problematic. I did not say a single word to her or take any action other than putting my passport on the counter. Again, I fully acknowledge I was impatient. But given the notorious lines at security and passport control at the Johannesburg airport, this is, unfortunately, a common sentiment among the customers waiting in line. As a visitor in this country, I have no obligation to arrive smiling and deferential when I greet the Home Affairs agent. For better or for worse, I am entitled entry to the country regardless of my mood, as long as my documents are in order and I present no security risk.

In fact, there is some argument to be made that I, as the visitor and the customer, have less of an obligation to be solicitous and courteous than she does, as a customer service agent representing the South African government and the first point of contact for hundreds of visitors to the country every day. The most unfortunate part of this interaction is that I told two people of the interaction after it happened and before I wrote this email - one person who let me go ahead of him in the other passport line, and one person at the baggage claim. Both said the same thing: β€œWell, welcome to South Africa.” It is people like this Home Affairs agent - people who prioritize their ego over hospitality, who wish to judge visitors instead of welcome them, and who believe they have power and discretion they do not have - that make people worldwide believe that South Africa is an unfriendly place. This belief, in turn, affects South Africa’s position in the global economy.

I sincerely hope that JNB takes this situation as an opportunity to educate Home Affairs agents on being ambassadors of courtesy and generosity to those visiting the country. South Africa certainly doesn’t need more of a reputation for exclusion and judgement.

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The announcements at O.R. Tambo cannot be understood in spite of dedicated attempts. If your staff or system is incapable to delivering the required messages coherently rather put them up on digital displays. If I am wrong.....I challenge any of the management or staff to a decipher the announcements accurately.

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I parked my car in the lower basement at OR Tambo on 20th of October and returned from Cape Town on Sunday the 23rd of October. On my return found that my hubcaps were stolen!

I have paid for a service and included in that was a level of security. I have logged a case at the police station, went back within the same week to view the camera footage. It was no surprise conveniently enough when they told me the camera viewing my car have been out of order for a while now. In the first place could they not have told me this before I drove all the way to view this. However they could see on the camera that when I drove in my car had hubcaps and when I drove out there were no hubcaps. All the officer could tell me is that the case is now closed because there is no camera footage that proofs the hubcaps were stolen. The ACSA security just said they will inform management the camera needs to be replaced and in working order as this is now a hotspot. (My hubcaps weren't the only one's that was stolen on that day) I feel because their camera was not working it's no fault of mine. ACSA should then be responsible for this theft. It must be an inside job because they knew the camera is not working.

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very sad - International Transfer

I have been three times to O'Tambo airport within the past 2 weeks and with the exception of a 21 hour landing internationally and leaving internationally I have had negative experiences. There seems to be 6 or 7 desks but every time I had to go thru the international transfer it was manned by only 3 people and unfortunately with the introduction of fingerprint scan and picture taken it takes time so there is always chaos there. I am surprised how this has not been addressed to date and not sure this site is going to do anything about it.

People are missing flights, people are tired having to stand in line for a long time after getting off a long 16 hour flight only to get to their connecting flight. It makes little sense since we aren't leaving the airport. We are transferring.

Wish someone looked into this a bit more seriously...

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Since this is just a soundboard and no reply - listen to this one. Visitor come with Relative Visa issued in country of Origion - Customs Official at OR Tambo asks - Why is Visa issued abroad and not in South Africa - I tried to speak to official - I ask her name - she say its OFFICER - I ask kindly you name - "hey..hey..hey...you want to speak to me or not?" and handed the phone back. WTF? Home Affairs does mpy understand their own Immigration legislation?

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18 stations, 0ne working.

There are 18 stations at immigration for South African passport holders. Why is only one manned and operational?


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So this is a foreign visitor's first experience of South Africa.

Passport control for over 2 hours, standing, no food, no water, most people having not had the best night sleep on the plane.

Disgraceful. South Africa should be ashamed of its welcome.

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Immigration a joke

The Goverment is always saying they are creating employment. Well there there are twenty empty desks at ORT immigration and 300 customers. One hour to clear immigration is a minium. Fly via Durban or Cape Town if possible is my recommendation.

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Completely appalling

Passport control is slow as usual. I've been in a queue for almost TWO HOURS (and counting) just to get my passport stamped. No seating arrangements and no water provisions. This is ridiculous! I'm appalled. Why does no one do anything about this? It happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. No.

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Never have I had such a bad experience in an international airport. Waited 2 hours in the immigration line just to get a stamp on my passport. There were hundreds of people waiting and only two booths open! When we finally got through we had to hunt for our bags because the carousel for our flight was long finished! I find it hard to believe that a large international airport like Or Tambo wouldn't be able to plan ahead for the amount of arrivals and put on more staff! Absolutely appalling!

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Making people wait in a queue for three hours. ..no where to sit....no water....disgusting.

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O.R Tambo international airport customs

O.R tambo international airport immigration que is long again as usual with people taking almost more that two hours to come out into the arrivals hall.

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O.R Tambo international airport customs

Immigration today in O.R Tambo international airport seems to be a bit better today but still a long wait. Not as bad as yesterday waiting 2 & a half hours for guests to come out.

Bio-metirics still an issue causing delays & immigration need more staff.

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O.R Tambo international airport customs

Long que at immigration again with people & family's having to wait almost 3 hours just to get through to arrivals. Even the arrivals hall is packed with people because of the delay at immigration.

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Immigration at Arrival

Does anyone even read these comments and complaints? There are 46 immigration counters at the arrivals terminal. We arrived on the afternoon of 4th Sep and 4 or 5 planes must have arrived at the same time. The area was filled to capacity and overflowing. Yet there were less than 10 immigration officials manning the cubicles. Spent more than an hour on the que. So annoying!! Get more people!! Please!!

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(no subject)

With o the complaints about staff n their attitudes to travelers why is nothing being done. Its painful to see parents with babies standing over 1 hour in line at immigration. Babies r tired n irritated. Pipo missing their connections because there is no one to attend to them. I am an african n I feel so guilty to c my fellow brothers n sisters acting like we r still fighting 4 independence. Management kindly take a serious look at the situation at this airport before it is completely black listed n people lose their jobs

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