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Duty Free contact details

Please can someone help with the tel no. of the duty free shop at Bangoka and Lumbumbashi Airports?

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Fuel (AvGas) Availability

Could anyone help with a current number or email address for fuel companies in DRC (for AvGas specifically)?


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re: Fuel Availability

Reply to @larry: the fuel companies operating in Lubumbashi are SEP Congo and CONGO PETROL. Congo Petrol is reachable at +243816558334 and +243999523889.

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re: Fuel Availability

yes there are at least 2 fuel company providing refueling service to aircrafts.

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Korongo Airlines

Since April 2012, Korongo Airlines, based in Lubumbashi, started operations. At this moment, two destinations are served: Kinshasa and Johannesburg. More are to follow in the coming months.

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Full runway length is available now

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Fuel Availability

Is JET A fuel available at Lubumbashi? Any contacts for the fuel at airport?

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First 800 metres Rwy 07 u/s

ILS okay

August 2007

K Watkins Safair C-130

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