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Permanently Closed


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Alexandria airport opening Aly Nouzha

I called the airport a couple of days ago and was told that it should reopen at the end of February this year. .hope so .I'm fed of the travelling all the way to Borg el Arab..

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Is it open?!, and is it considered a point of entry if I'm flying to Egypt?!

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Al nozha re open March 15,2016

due to extension on buildings again air port will open at 15/3/2015 this is the last official news


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airport open?

me too... why can i book flight to el nouzha?

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What is the exact date of opening

When I look for tickets going to alex I don't see borg elarab but I would prefer el nouzha because its closer

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when will the airport actually open?

Before the end of 2015?

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