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Update ident

Updated the airport's identifier to match the new icao code

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Fiedl 'ident' in CSV file uses old ICAO (HSSS)

I am reporting that the CSV dump of the airport DB for the 'ident' field still uses the old ICAO, HSSS, instead of the new one, HSSK.

(Probably 'keyword' needs changing too)

My understanding is that the 'ident' field is about ICAO code, from the Data dictionary page (

"The text identifier used in the OurAirports URL. This will be the ICAO code if available. Otherwise, it will be a local airport code (if no conflict), or if nothing else is available, an internally-generated code starting with the ISO2 country code, followed by a dash and a four-digit number."

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(no subject)

I worked in sudan.khartoum north power station 1983/85.emy Stanley

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Respect les staff or emgration officers

I arrived at Khartoum airport with great happiness after 12 year's abroad from my home land Africa. But after I arrived it changed to the worst day of my life, I arrived with all right documents and visa from Sudan embassy in uk. With out any reason I refused to inter to Khartoum. I guas the reason may be I am African or corrupted officers. I have senn non African passengers they go through with out any problem. But I left Khartoum just after one hour from my arrival with disrespects staff uneducated.i fill sorry forthem. And sham on them just like animals. I don't know if they are in21st century. There are many things to say about them but for now animals is enough.

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Can you walk into the skies :-)

We landed there once with absolutley no sight, closed airport due to sandstorm with a Pilatus Porter... no fuel left for alternative... Once we touched down our aircraft, a South African Captain in Duty for the World Food Programm approached us and asked: "Sorry, can you walk in the Skies?

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re: HSSS

Reply to @ptomblin: Yes, in fact is the ILS frequency

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re: HSSS

Reply to @jmblanco430: What is that second number, the ILS frequency?

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RUNWAY 18---110.70---178ΒΊ

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