Schafer USFS Airport

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Beautiful Place!

One of the nicest places to land and camp at. The approach is a little unorthodox, a curved base/final to stay clear of the terrain. If you drag it in, you might lose sight of the runway, but if you like to slip you can come in very steeply from the East side.

Lots of wildlife on and around the strip, deer wander through your campsite at all times of the day. The Ranger at the station is very helpful with ideas of where to hike, what to see. They are always ready for a visit, the historic ranger station is right at mid-field.

Don't go here to practice your touch & goes, you will just piss off the numerous hikers and campers who are in the protected wilderness area. And the Ranger takes note.

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re: Beautiful Place!

Reply to @Tony: As far as the approach goes, I agree. I and many other pilots land to the East. I feel it is a much better and safer approach. I assume the recommendation to land to the East is because in the event of a go-around, you may have to head to the right to avoid the rising terrain, and fly out over the river. This would not be a problem unless you were very low and 2/3rds of the way down the strip before deciding to go around. In my opinion, you need to commit one or the other way before that.

If you land on runway 7, you can fly around the corner down the river a ways, and set up a nice base-to-final approach, (of course announcing your actions on 122.9.) Then, you can come straight in on final, and clear the trees, and by the time you get down, you have avoided the extended West end of the strip, which is fairly rough. You can still ususually get stopped by the Ranger Station gate, well before the tiedowns at the East end near the campground.

I would not recommend taking off to the East unless you have a good short-field airplane, and the wind is significant from the East, which is rare here.


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