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re: No Southwest Airlines?

We've removed the routes, because we didn't have a good way to keep them up to date.

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No Southwest Airlines?

I know for a fact that Atlanta is one of Southwest Airlines' focus cities. How come Southwest Airlines doesn't appear on the routes list?

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re: ' or 1=1 --

Nice try, but no SQL injection here.

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Easy international connection

Nice, easy connection here in mid November -- I had only an hour to connect from an inbound Montreal flight to an outbound Bogotรก flight, but I was able to stay in the international terminal without going out and back in through security, like at some other airports.

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I'm trying to find a flight from Portland ME (PWM) to Tampa FL (TPA) that has a stop over in Atlanta (ATL) of at least 3 hours. Why is this so hard?

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Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Residing in Atlanta and use the Atlanta Airport for both domestic and international travel. I have been through many airports throughout the world and find the Atlanta Airport to be one of the best. The airport has a north and south terminal that are combined together. The rail system maks it extremely easy to navigate between terminals. A new separate international terminal is scheduled to open in 2012, which should make it very efficient with international travel and going through CBP.

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Good ATC

I've flown in and out many times professionally. The ATC system is efficient and designed to move airplanes rapidly - the parallel runways sure help as compared to Chicago where so many runways intersect. Also, because thunderstorms are a normal occurrence the ATC adjustments to difficult weather are as fluid and adaptable as possible. There'll still be weather-related delays, but as minimal as safely possible.

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It was my homebase from 1997 to 2000. This airport is a model of efficiency with all its concourses linked by underground rail, everything goes fairly smoothly when you consider the huge number of passengers and rotations.

I flew in and out from Hartsfield more than anywhere else, and racked up zillions of frequent flyers miles with Delta Airlines in the process. As I remember it, Delta is your typical American carrier. Unless you fly business, you feel like cattle. Compared to Singapore Airlines, service really sucks.

Other than that it feel pretty safe and is usually on time.

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Love It/Hate It All In A Day

This is one of those airports that can provide an object less on how to do it or how not. The ground transportation is set up nicely, few other American cities have high speed rail right in the terminal (heck, few other American cities even have high speed rail ... better to whine about the price of energy than to change anything for the better), but the walks are looooong, the concourses are narrow and dark ... it's utilitarian but hardly appealing.

Found out here one day how long it takes to change the fuel control on #3 engine of a DC-10 ... 4+20 as I watched the whole thing from the concourse window ... guess Delta didn't need the gate. They did still get me home that night, though, so I won't complain.

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No big deal flying into here. Just be on top of things. Cheap landing fees and very accomodating FBO

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Ground transportation

The Atlanta subway, MARTA, goes directly from the airport to downtown -- it's fast, cheap (a couple of bucks, I think), and easy.

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