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re: Clear US Customs here going to the USA

I agree with Tony. It's a very nice downtown, good for walking around, with one street closed 5 or 6 blocks for pedestrians only (packed with people on a chilly Sunday afternoon) and the mountains or lake in the background almost any direction you look. Lots of big-name shops for my adolescent kids and restaurants for everyone, and an easy same-day shopping trip from Ottawa or Montreal. It's about a 15-minute drive from the airport into downtown.

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Atlantic Aviation parking

At Atlantic Aviation (nice FBO) during November 2007, there was no parking, ramp, or service fee during the day for a piston single, and only $10/night for a tie-down. I didn't ask if the first night was waived with a fillup, since we weren't staying overnight. Gas was just over $5/gallon, including tax, and that was the only fee way paid for a same-day visit. Customs is a very short taxi from the Atlantic apron, just on the other side of the threshold of runway 01.

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Car rental - main terminal is much cheapter than FBO

When we visited on 11 November 2007, renting a small car from Enterprise through the Atlantic Aviation FBO cost about $34/day + tax. Renting the same car through Enterprise in the main terminal cost about $19/day + tax. Since we were making a fast day trip with my whole family, I figured that the extra convenience was worth $15 this time, but the main terminal is only a short walk (and would be worth it for a multi-day rental).

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Atlantic, great service

My wife and I did an overnight in Burlington a few weeks back. I like the people that work there - very helpful and sincerely friendly. There was not much going on when we arrived so they offered to drive us into town.

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re: Customs ramp

So it was -- right beside the Heritage Hangar on the south ramp (near taxiway C). Quick and friendly customs.

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Burlington US Customs and Border Patrol contact info

Phone: (802) 864-5181

FAX: (802) 863-8270


Hours: 8am-9pm, 7 days/week

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Customs ramp

According to the woman I talked to at the Atlantic FBO, US Customs does *not* meet planes at the FBO; instead, you have to taxi to the customs ramp. She said that it was on the west side of the airport, but the airport diagram shows it on the south end, near the National Guard buildings.

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Atlantic FBO

Atlantic has taken over the AvCenter FBO at Burlington. When I called on September 13 2007, there were no landing or ramp fees for a single-engine piston, and a US $10/night parking fee. 100LL was $5.07/us gallon, including taxes.

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Clear US Customs here going to the USA

Clear Customs here if flying from Ontario or Quebec to Vermont/New Hampshire. Nice places to eat downtown - it's a university town.

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