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Who now owns this facility

Please inform me of who now owns this facility and who the contacts are for major decisions. In the past Hoyt Bangs/Jason Warren/Lou Beemer as well as the pilots association made decisions. With Mr. Beemer now deceased who is the Owner/director.CEO?

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re: KCXY

Great airport, great service and great customer service personnel. An airport you have to give a try

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Everybody should know that the FBO at CXY has been replaced. CXY Aviation is the new FBO. UFS-Aero is gone and thankfully so. NOW THERE ARE NO RAMP FEES, NONE. THERE IS STILL A LANDING FEE WHICH IS WAIVED FOR FUEL PURCHASES OR ANY OTHER SERVICES DONE BY ANY OF THE BUSINESSES ON THE FIELD. There are new hangers built and available. There are other maintanence shops. "Aircraft Maintanence Services" and "Wings and Things" to mention two. The new FBO is developing a new flight school and other facilities. Fuel is once again competitively priced. The Tower personal are great and very helpful. Give KCXY a try and I believe that you will not be dissatisfied.

Thanks for your consideration.

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re: KCXY

Reply to @TwinCoFlyer: That's great news! There were too many horror stories from UFS-Aero.

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FBO and airport fees

I think this is the only FBO at Capital City Airport. They've blocked comments on AirNav, but here's what I got from a phone call today for a light piston aircraft:

Facility fee: $25.00 (waived with 5 gallon fuel purchase).

Ramp fee: $15.00

Landing fee: $8.00 (she wasn't sure about the exact amount)

It doesn't make sense for a quick fuel or lunch stop. Nearby Harrisburg International (KMDT) also has the landing fee, but not the ramp fee at the FBO.

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re: FBO and airport fees

Reply to @david: I was there today and once again I had to pay a $150.00 ramp fee, and what did I get for it? NOTHING!!! The TV never works and now they do not have a crew car. I asked them twice and thought maybe someone would offer us a ride but they told us twice that we could walk to the stripmall. Unless I absolutely have to go to KCXY I will go to KMDT!!!

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