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$40 landing fee and $50 handling fee for a single engine bonanza. Highest fees I’ve ever seen

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But for connecting flights

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One of my most favorite airports

From the unique tent-like roof lines, to the large spacious terminals, down to the train that shuttles you to/from the Main Terminal, this is one well-designed airport. Traffic just seems to flow no matter what direction its moving. Delays are rare but are mainly caused by weather (locally or for connecting aircraft's origination point elsewhere). Like Cactus said, it's beautiful inside and out, including the historical memorabilia (home of Jeppesen), and other art displays that routinely cycle. The food areas seem spacious enough and I've always been able to find a seat to eat or one to drink from. Transportation to/from the airport is plentiful and flows just as well as the aircraft.

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I love this airport. Nice facilities all around and unique artwork throughout the terminals makes DEN a worth-while experience.

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