Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport

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Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport is the home base for 6 OurAirports members. It has had 86 visitors.

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Picture of alfadog

Super FBO

Banyan is one of the top FBO's in the country. They have a nice restaurant next to the ramp and an incredible pilot's shop. I found out about Banyan when I rented a plane from a fellow up at FXE. Then went there for breakfast a few weeks ago on a simulated instrument flight. Had to laff when they parked my somewhat tatty C-172M right in front and then guided this huge private jet (like the size of a regional jet) to park right next to us :)

Picture of Tony

Clear US Customs here going to the USA

Cleared US Customs here when returning from the Bahamas. Surprisingly friendly and efficient Customs officers. You have to taxi to the other side of the field for gas/food/parking.

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