Manassas Regional Airport/Harry P. Davis Field

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Manassas Regional Airport/Harry P. Davis Field is the home base for 7 OurAirports members. It has had 42 visitors.

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Picture of greenbaron

Least favorite airport in Virginia

Sorry to say, but this is my least favorite airport in VA, and there's only three now that I haven't hit yet. The controllers were inattentive, unresponsive, and kind of rude. When asked which rwy I wanted on arrival, I said 34L. Got cleared for 34R. Later, Clearance Del left me idling in the heat for at least 5 minutes, claiming to be looking for my flight plan, which was in the system, and the estimated departure time I'd filed was right on the money. I was glad to get out of there, and I won't be back. I feel sorry for VFR pilots who have to fly up there in that SFRA mess.

Picture of Komatoast

Hoppy's Restaurant Closing

Sorry to report that the absolute best place to fly in and grab a good meal in the DC area has closed. The new FBO, APP, bought out there lease and is planning to make the space into offices. We'll miis this palace.

Picture of Komatoast

Hoppy's Skytop Restaurant & Lounge

This is one of my favorite airport cafe places to go. Great food and service at reasonable prices. Family owned and operated for breakfast Saturday mornings, lunch and dinner Tuesday thru Friday! Closed Sunday and Mondays. Located on second floor above Volo FBO; east side of airport. Link to website is:

Picture of Fluky

KHEF Manassas

Home base for me (Fluky is the gate where most from KHEF leave the ADIZ). Use Dulles Aviation Inc. FBO at west ramp. New restaurant at east ramp but I have not tried them yet.

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