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OK place

Very convenient - nice girl at the counter - line boss was a little rude. Tower guy tried to sandwich me in front of another Cherokee on straight in final - asked me to turn toward the runway from my base leg. I did. Then he complained that I didn't turn enough towards the runway and then gave me a vector - which I followed. If ya want me to turn to a heading - tell me which and I am good - his vector put me on the numbers so my final was never established straight in - more like a 45 degree final. Not a problem really, but he was all pissy that he had to circle the other Cherokee on final - not my bad dude - I was Number 1 - was flying the base leg he told me to fly at an appropriate airspeed for the Arrow - 100MPH.

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To be privatized?

The state of Connecticut is considering privatizing this airport, along with Waterbury/Oxford, Groton, Danielson, and Windham:


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