Los Angeles International Airport

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Picture of CaptainX

(no subject)

Waiting for me!!!

Picture of Circa-ss

(no subject)

Hello! How to download these georeferenced satellite images?

Picture of NYANWT

Very Crammed Airport

So Many Stuff And People Its Hard To Get Around. Outside I Hear Lots Of Cars. Worse Density Than SFO Or Even JFK Airport

Picture of zeina

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fixed matches

Hey there owner of ourairports.com. Great site. I think you should be little more strict with the comments.

Picture of green_chilli

11 terminals?

I've only been once, but was shocked at the condition and arrangement of this airport.

11 terminals? It seemed more like one big long mess, no real distinction.

Very disappointed with both duty free shopping and any dining options.

BUT they were in a state of renovation when I came in and out of LAX. Hope that this can be finalised eventually!

Picture of david

Fond-ish memories

I remember many evenings spent in LAX terminal 2 in the late 1990s, waiting to catch the red-eye back to Toronto to connect on to Ottawa and get back to my young family. I hear a lot of horror stories about LAX and Air Canada now, but back then, before the merger with Canadian, Air Canada never left me stranded or let me down. I'd fight my way back to LAX from Long Beach through the rush-hour traffic, drop off my rental car, then find a plug, huddle in a safe warm corner, and work on my computer for a few hours, generally grabbing a bite from the Wolfgang Puck franchise restaurant thingy and happy knowing that I was on the first stage of my trip home.

I've been through terminal 2 a few times since, but not for the red-eye. Air Canada still generally leaves on time, but I'm not rushing back to young kids and a tired spouse any more, so it's more leisurely, and the terminal is just another dingy terminal.

Picture of Yannick

The longest wait ever

Not my favorite place...

Must have been due to rush hour with all the transpacific flights landing pretty much at the same time, after a very long flight from Sydney, took over an hour to go thru immigration, almost missed connecting flight to ATL... how stressful and frustrating.

Another time on the way back to Sydney from Atlanta, flying with UA via O'Hare, the connection was missed due to weather delays. Stuck there for 24 hours, UA wouldn't give me my luggage back (so I had to wear the same stinky clothes for 48hrs), only got a lousy hotel room, no compensation or apology. Compare that to SQ when in a similar ordeal I was given a pack with some clothes and toiletry, plus about US$100 cash equivalent.... Shall I also mention that I was flying business on UA and economy on SQ when this occured. I understand the operational constraints, no worries there, but when it comes to customer service UA, DL and AA have a lot to learn from asian carriers like SQ, CX or TG.

Oh well other than that I never been to LA before so I went to see the Getty museum, quite interesting really.

Picture of XingR

A Great Place to Visit ... Not

Let me count the times I've been through here ... let me count the ways the airport has disappointed me. A great case study in how _not_ to build an airport.

One bright spot for me, this is where my wife first entered the US back in 2001 so it will always hold a warm spot in our hearts as the true beginning of our life together.

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