Blue Grass Airport

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Picture of GeoFS

Runway ident changed

My bad, runway ident has been updated to 27. However, I do not seem to be able to add/edit threshold coordinates. Any idea why?

Picture of GeoFS

Runway ident changed

Runway 26 now appears to be runway 27 (as seen in google maps images). All changes I make in seem to be reverted (automatically or by someone). I sent an email to but did not get any answer. Is someone still maintaining this website?

Picture of david

Comair 5191

This is the airport where Comair 5191 overshot the runway on takeoff and crashed on August 27 2006. The regional jet was cleared to take off on runway 22 (7,000 ft) in the early morning darkness, but the flight crew mistakenly used runway 26 (3,500 ft) instead, and the jet was not able to get airborne and clear the trees at the far end.

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