NOTAMS for Gillespie Field

This is not an official NOTAM source, and NOTAMs may be missing or out of date. Includes only aerodrome-specific NOTAMS.

NOTAM 05/029: Gillespie Field (KSEE)

!SEE 05/029 SEE OBST POLE LGT (ASN 2016-AWP-1152-OE) 324951N1165920W (0.9NM WNW SEE) 436FT (44FT AGL) U/S 2405141431-2408142359 CREATED: 14 May 2024 14:31:00 SOURCE: KSANYFYX

NOTAM 04/017: Gillespie Field (KSEE)

!SEE 04/017 SEE SVC PCL RWY 27R PAPI U/S 2404122306-2405292359EST CREATED: 12 Apr 2024 23:06:00 SOURCE: POCC

NOTAM 12/018: Gillespie Field (KSEE)

!SEE 12/018 SEE OBST CRANE (ASN 2022-AWP-4857-NRA) 324941N1165911W (0.7NM W SEE) 399FT (38FT AGL) FLAGGED 2312121635-2406302300 CREATED: 12 Dec 2023 16:35:00 SOURCE: SEE

NOTAM 12/017: Gillespie Field (KSEE)

!SEE 12/017 SEE OBST RIG (ASN 2022-AWP-4874-NRA) 324941N1165907W (0.7NM W SEE) 393FT (32FT AGL) FLAGGED 2312121634-2406302300 CREATED: 12 Dec 2023 16:34:00 SOURCE: SEE

NOTAM 12/016: Gillespie Field (KSEE)

!SEE 12/016 SEE OBST RIG (ASN 2022-AWP-4863-NRA) 324948N1165914W (0.8NM WNW SEE) 402FT (41FT AGL) FLAGGED 2312121633-2406302300 CREATED: 12 Dec 2023 16:34:00 SOURCE: SEE