NOTAMS for Aérodrome de Saint-Junien

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NOTAM P3593/23: Aérodrome de Saint-Junien (LFBJ)

P3593/23 NOTAMN Q) LFBB/QOBCE/IV/M /A /000/999/4554N00055E005 A) LFBJ B) 2310060935 C) 2410072359 E) OBST : TREES WITHIN RWY 07/25 FUNNELS PSN1 : 455402N 0005454E RDL188/74M THR 07 ELEV 918FT HGT 55FT PSN2 : 455410N 0005520E RDL162/83M THR 25 ELEV 951FT HGT 50FT PSN3 : 455411N 0005524E RDL095/131M THR 25 ELEV 935FT HGT 36FT PSN4 : 455415N0005521E RDL035/120M THR 25 ELEV 948FT HGT 45FT PSN5 : 455414N 0005514E RDL295/98M THR 25 ELEV 945FT HGT 44FT PSN6 : 455410N0005459E RDL034/230M THR 07 ELEV 968FT HGT 95FT PSN7 : 455406N 0005452E RDL326/55M THR 07 ELEV 912FT HGT 25FT. CREATED: 06 Oct 2023 09:36:00 SOURCE: EUECYIYN