Paros National Airport

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This airport has been closed since July 21 2016.

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Aegean-Olympic to reduce prices

In a recent press release following the acquisition of Olympic by Aegean, the company proposes (effective 1/12/2013) to reduce air ticket prices to €39 and to between 0-20€ (depending on the time of year) if your ongoing/incoming journey is on an Olympic/Aegean flight. If this is implemented, it's excellent news for Paros (also Naxos, and the other 10 Greek "public service routes").

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Paros is Getting a New Airport

The situation with Paros airport is not so simple. Read the article in the Summer 2013 issue of Paros Life & Naxos Life at paroslife dot com if you'd like to understand better:

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Reduce costs, make commercially viable.

Presently flights can only be afforded by rich people. The small Dash planes have difficulty leaving with more than 18 passengers in a 38 seater! Flight prices are more than twice that of Blue Star ferries. Construct a runway 1900 mtrs for tourist planes to land from Europe or forget being a tourist destination. Mykonos and Santorini both succeed in attracting European and other overseas visitors why not Paros? Hotels have lots of empty rooms. Wake up Paros get on with a proper size airport!! Your a large island with lots of accommodation.

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