Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport

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Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport is the home base for 11 OurAirports members. It has had 262 visitors.

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Hi guys, beware, this is very expensive airport- for Cirrus SR22 - few hours standing, i pay together more than 600eur. 200eur for landing and parking and 400eur for handling( handled by Malev). And they dont make free cofee for you, just for pax :D

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But you need to watch out about the taxies to downtown

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Delete request of MA

Malev is not exist since 2012. Pls. remove it!

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Please correct the name as follows: Budapest LISZT Ferenc... and not LISTZ Ferenc Airport

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Terminal-1 has closed

The Terminal-1 temporary closed at the end of May 2012.

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Hungarian airport:

1. Type mistake: "Budapest Listz Ferenc Internationall Airport"

Real name is: "Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport".

Please modify it.

2. MALEV Hungarian Airlines:

The company went bankrupt and liquidated.

Please remove it.

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Airport name has changed!

New name is Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport

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