Praia Verde Eco Airfield

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Altough the runway is in good condition, the weeds can be quite rough and tall, due to the restrictions they have in cutting the weeds due to the airfield being inside a natural reserve.

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Airstrip reopened!

Although not listed on Portuguese AIP's official sources yet (specifically the 'VFR Manual'), this airstrip has been reopened and certified since 2019 for ultra light/sport aircraft

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Private airfield once opened to the public, it has been 'oficially' closed since 1998 and hasn't been practically used since 2008, not having been properly maintained by its proprietor.

The original reason for closure was due to the airfield's location right in the middle of a protected area and bio-reserve, though the owner tried for years to contest the decision and to reopen the airfield, but to no avail.

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No longer has its OACI code

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