NOTAMS for Bern-Belp Airport

This is not an official NOTAM source, and NOTAMs may be missing or out of date. Includes only aerodrome-specific NOTAMS.

NOTAM B0859/24: Bern-Belp Airport (LSZB)

B0859/24 NOTAMN Q) LSAS/QNMAS/IV/BO/A/000/999/4711N00754E005 A) LSZB B) 2407162130 C) 2407170200 E) WILLISAU DVOR/DME WIL 116.900 U/S DUE TO MAINT. CREATED: 24 Jun 2024 09:24:00 SOURCE: LSSNYNYX

NOTAM B0848/24: Bern-Belp Airport (LSZB)

B0848/24 NOTAMN Q) LSAS/QSAAS/IV/BO/A/000/999/4655N00730E005 A) LSZB B) 2406262100 C) 2406270300 E) ATIS 125.130 U/S DUE TO MAINT. DO NOT USE. CREATED: 20 Jun 2024 11:11:00 SOURCE: LSSNYNYX

NOTAM B0450/24: Bern-Belp Airport (LSZB)

B0450/24 NOTAMR B0352/24 Q) LSAS/QOBCE/V/M/AE/000/020/4657N00727E001 A) LSZB B) 2403300832 C) 2408302359 EST E) CRANE MARKED, LGTD, 465634N0072727E, 42.5M / 139.4FT AGL, 594.9M / 1951.8FT AMSL. CREATED: 30 Mar 2024 08:32:00 SOURCE: LSSNYNYX

NOTAM B0370/24: Bern-Belp Airport (LSZB)

B0370/24 NOTAMR B0358/24 Q) LSAS/QOBCE/V/M/AE/000/022/4657N00729E001 A) LSZB B) 2403151614 C) 2509102359 EST E) CRANE MARKED, LGTD, 465716N0072835E, 95.7M / 314.0FT AGL, 656.7M / 2154.5FT AMSL. CREATED: 15 Mar 2024 16:14:00 SOURCE: LSSNYNYX

NOTAM B1147/22: Bern-Belp Airport (LSZB)

B1147/22 NOTAMN Q) LSAS/QOBCE/V/M/AE/000/020/4655N00730E001 A) LSZB B) 2209020000 C) 2501102359 EST E) CRANE 465528N0072949E, 49.8M / 163.4FT AGL, 593.1M / 1945.9FT AMSL. CREATED: 30 Aug 2022 07:32:00 SOURCE: LSSNYNYX