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re: location on map, nice to have in my neighborhood!

It looks like @ptomblin has moved it to the correct location. I'd be nervous using that strip with the trees so close.

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location on map, nice to have in my neighborhood!

The location shown is actually about 3 blocks (maybe 1200 feet or so?) east of the actual strip. You can see the strip running north and south. It's quite narrow. Someone built a house right at one end. Rumor has it that there's neighborhood opposition to the strip, but not from me. I've only caught a couple of flights and only one landing (I can recognize the aircraft based there), but I hope to see more. The strip itself is a bit over 1000 feet long, and, as you can see, quite narrow. The trees are pretty high on either side too. WInd directional indication by part of an old water pumping windmill still on a tower.

I understand this is a private airport, and it seems only one aircraft is based there. It looks like an ultralight but perhaps is an LSA. Rumor, from someone who should know, says that Sid used to keep a Luscombe there.

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